Hot Baked Apple Pie Cold Process Soap | Soy and Shea

Hot Baked Apple Pie is a favourite dessert for many people. The fragrance in this one is bursting with the aroma of Sweet juicy apples, dusted with brown sugar …


  1. Uggh, I can mostly relate to the cooked fruit thing. I could tolerate things like blueberries cooked into pancakes/waffles, or grilled pineapple on meat, but fruit desserts (like baked apples) make me feel queasy after just a few bites! 😯

  2. The crust looks so real and makes it look yummy! Very nice and subtle swirls. I love Apple Pie with crust or a crumb top. The Apples have to be cooked through or it's not good. I don't like al dente fruit in a cooked item. I love fruit sauces, also. Again, cooked well through! 😨
    The only thing I can stand with Cinnamon is Cinnamon Rolls. Everything else, I won't eat. My hubby can't figure that one out. 😊
    You did a wonderful job making this soap. 👍

  3. I love cooked fruit, especially apples. We have a couple of apple trees that are flowering for the first time and I'm so excited to be able to make an apple pie filling. Great looking soap. I love the detail you did on top.

  4. I so respect you sharing how much you care for your customers by making soap for them despite your own preferences. I happen to be one of those that loves cinnamon, loves apple pie, and loves vanilla scent. But I can't stand sandlewood or patchouli.

  5. I am not a cooked fruit person either, but I have come to like apple pie, but the apple slices need to be thick and vegetables are NOT dessert either, but I am told I make a really good pumpkin pie! Beautiful soap!

  6. Not a fan of the vegetable cake stuff either. I do love apple pie though – although it needs to be Sara Lee with dollop cream 🙂 I REALLY like cinnamon and all things cinnamon related. Love how this soap turned out. The piping on top is the perfect touch.

  7. My notifications don't seem to be all coming up from you, I haven't seen the caramel vanilla slices video or today's apple pie, luckily I saw the apples being made and know that you do an upload on Saturdays. I love apple pie but I make a big pie with not pastry but a cross between a pastry and shortcake so its soft inside and crunchy on the outside, I hate fresh banana but love anything with cooked banana. The soap looks beautiful

  8. Beautiful colors and so yummy looking! Yip, I'm an apple pie lover but with red apples, lol. I'm glad ya worked through the scent. I don't like raw foods like onions, peppers, etc., and I'm allergic to many, so you're quite normal on your food thing! Have a great weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing your video on our collaboration! I'm SO THRILLED that your with us!! Hugz, Tree

  9. The “coarse sugar” look was the perfect finish. That was my favorite part of baking the pies in the bakery. I
    Love how I’ve got the cinnamon buns and you have the hot cinnamon pie soap this week. Yum

  10. I'm the opposite, I like apple pie to eat but not to bathe with. I do like carrot cake an zucchini bread but I have this weird thing about sweet rice. I will not eat rice pudding. Yak!!!🙂. Your soap looks beautiful.

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