HARVEST RIGHT–NEW đź’»Software and Upgradesđź’» This is a Game Changer!

I had the opportunity to get the newest software before it is released and the results are great! Lots less cycle time and lots less wear and tear! Not to mention …


  1. Retired at 40 – Can you provide a download link to the firmware upgrade? My HRFD doesn't have this update. I'm having an issue with the vacuum pulling a seal and have the valve closed, tight new hoses, the door seems to be sealing, and am thinking now it may be software that is the issue as it just hangs at >2500. Thank you!

  2. Question it's just me here but growing season I waste a lot of food off my garden and you know you can't freeze a lot of it turn to crap so is this freeze dryer actually worth it?

  3. Mine came with this version of the software. Would have been nice if the manual was updated with it because it had instructions for settings I didn't have, LOL.

  4. Why buy Harvest Right with 1 year warranty at higher buy cost. When you can grab one on Alibaba.com almost identical unit with stronger upgraded vacuum pump and still have same warranty as "american made", but cheaper spare parts and fewer bugs etc. Often included engineering support and 13 months warranty.

  5. I was VERY Curious about this upgrade when you first mentioned it. I am not sure that i will bother with it now. If i put frozen food into the dryer i simply lower the freeze time to 5 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less(I assume with the software upgrade i would loose this). Also, do you know the sequence to tap the corners on the screen to enter into the service mode(hidden features mode…?) It might be a good video. I didn't know it existed until a Harvest Right Tech had me do it over the phone to diagnose my failing vacuum pump( witch they replaced for free under warranty)

  6. WOW I really like this As electricity cost in Australia is A$0.40c KWH This will save money and wear tear on unit. Running off Solar12v panels  5* 285w =delivering  1KW  =88 amps full sun looking to further increase by 1KW.  Battery Storage are  deep cycle gel batteries with 9600 watt hours (8 *100 amp hours) Gel batteries can only be taken to 40% discharge B4 damage occurs to batteries The medium size unit has max wattage draw on dry  cycle of 1400w approx.The large unit which I have bough On this cycle is 2000w or 50% more This is compensated by double food processing so for me  is best option. Yet to take delivery At present running 2000w modified sign wave inverter I do have to buy a 2,500 pure sine wave as the FD has computer in  it .The battery bank may handle freeze cycle but not the dry cycle as there no sun at night looking to solution here

  7. Ugggg, you missed the most important part for us crazies trying to do this manually. 🙂 I'm curious at what temperature is goes into middle dry. My manual process is to plug the pump into the wall when it hits 0f during the freeze, and then skip the rest of the freeze cycle when it hits -50F. If you get a chance to see what temperature it goes into dry, I'd appreciate it. The pump causes sublimation to occur earlier, which is an endothermic process (meaning it absorbs heat), and since the only heat available is what is in the food, the food gets colder quicker.

  8. Just spoke with Harvest Right & the person on the line said he’s not throughly convinced this upgrade is something he’s going to purchase himself when it becomes available. He said it has it’s positives & negatives and it’s sold on this upgrade. They’re working out the bugs.

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