FPSRussia Kyle Myers 25 gram hash oil distributor dooby butt weapon confiscation

FPSRussia Kyle Myers Joined 2010/04/19 & his last video = 2016/04/16 & then the channel stopped uploading new content altogether , 2017/08/?? he was …


  1. Take note right after Las Vegas incident letters were sent out to residents in Hawaii asking for their firearms in lieu of the fact they had medical marijuana cards. You have to wonder how about the medical marijuana and firearms confiscation attempt if in fact that was already part of the plan it is how they work.☇♞☇

  2. if your ordering meds through the mail illegally it only makes sense to buy in bulk who would want to keep putting yourself at risk. he probably just bought a couple month supply

  3. Why is this downvoted? Also it was 'anonymously' sent to his PO box. Conveniently discovered, got a warrant and did a 50 man raid operation all within a day. Feds want to crack down on guns, this happens. Join the dots. This isn't an argument about cannabis legality. This is about a government agency shutting down a popular channel they don't like by sending him pot to his PO box, claiming he's a druggy, taking everything and leaving him in legal limbo awaiting trial. Effectively shutting him down.

  4. If he wasn't convicted of a felony he can still own guns. But confiscation shouldn't of taken place that day. I liked the channel. If I were him I would lay low. Sounds like they are actively investigating him. 2017 isn't that long ago. He has money. He probably got a lawyer and got off. Although I don't know Georgia Marijuana law. If it's one of the bad states he may lose his 2nd amendment rights.

  5. 25 grams is a lot… for the oil the amount to get the average person high is the tip of a pin amount. If your DYING of cancer they say 1 gram a day of oil so he only had a months supply for a cancer treatment. Technically any amount can help shrink cancer.

  6. Never send anything VIA the U.S. Mail. Never have a opinion contrary to the Status Quo. Never believe anything the media tell you. Do a research on C.I.A. consulting all Media to tell them what ids Correct Truth.
    Do you remember The Homeless Marathon? The RADIO SHOW. I was ON IT in 2003.

    Since 1999 Jeremy Alderson has produced a yearly “marathon” radio broadcast
    intended to inform listeners about the widespread homelessness problem
    in the United States. The 18th Annual Homelessness Marathon will take
    place Wednesday, February 17, from 7 p.m EST until 9 a.m. the following
    “This isn’t fundraising, it’s consciousness-raising,” said Alderson,
    who stressed that the purpose of the marathon is not to raise money.
    There are no official sponsors or corporate partnerships.
    Alderson conceived the marathon in 1998 when a period of homelessness
    in his own life propelled him toward advocacy. He hosted a local radio
    show called “The Nobody Show” out of Ithaca, New York, and decided to
    start using the radio as a platform to call for change.
    “There wasn’t much to the original idea,” he admits. “Just rant and
    rave for a while. I thought the first one was awful, but I was amazed at
    the positive response. I realized that in its own funny way, it was a
    hit. People got it.”
    Although the marathon will take place here in Washington, radio hosts
    around the country will be encouraging people in their cities to call
    in and share their personal experiences. The show will include
    contributions from homeless encampments across the country as well as
    art shared by local street performers, musicians, and poets. The
    discussion schedule will vary; each hour will have its own theme. The
    broadcast will include several pre-recorded reports, but the rest of the
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    Despite the expanding size of the marathon, Alderson is still amazed
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    While most other marathons and marches would be held during warmer
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    The year 2016 is also going to add significance to the marathon. The
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    need to elevate our voices.”
    When asked if the marathon can be used to bring hope to the homeless
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    [with respect.] But the situation is dire.”
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    in them. He sees the marathon as an opportunity to spread caring and
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    “You don’t have to tell American people to care,” he said. “They do care and they do understand.”

  7. n Saturday, a federal court rebuffed special counsel Robert Mueller's request to further delay a court hearing in the alleged Russian "troll farm" case. This is the one where the Internet Research Agency, Concord Management, and Concord Catering–along with 13 of their (Russian citizen) employees–were charged for spreading so-called "fake news" during the 2016 U.S. elections. A scheduled Wednesday arraignment of Concord must go forward, ruled U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich.

    None of the indicted firms or citizens were expected to play along with the U.S. legal proceedings, but lawyers for Concord Management unexpectedly came forward in April. Politico says "the move appeared to be a bid to force Mueller's team to turn over relevant evidence to the Russian firm and perhaps even to bait prosecutors into an embarrassing dismissal in order to avoid disclosing sensitive information." So far, Concord's lawyers have asked for "a slew of discovery requests demanding nonpublic details" about Mueller's special investigation.

  8. The PC Security Channel [TPSC]

    OmegaReviews10 hours ago
    Russia is just a scape goat for western governments, in the same way gaming is a scapegoat for americans to blame their school shootings on. Anyway, I have noticed that my VPN has starting getting slower, not sure if this has anything to do with it.

    Code Wolf9 hours ago
    OmegaReviews very true

    Madara Uchiha3 hours ago
    Yo I just shit my pants…fucking Russians put laxatives in my purple drink!

    new persistent malware implant, bypassing the FBI's
    takeover of the C2 domain.
    Published on May 23, 2018In
    this video, Jake Williams from Rendition Infosec breaks down the threat
    of the VPNFilter malware reported on today by Cisco and Symantec. The
    Daily Beast also released information today that the backup C2 domain
    ToKnowAll[.]com was seized by the FBI, meaning that infected routers no
    longer has an viable C2 channels once the router is rebooted. Currently
    operating routers may have downloaded a non-persistent stage 2 module
    that allows for communications over the TOR network. This could be used
    to deliver a new persistent malware implant, bypassing the FBI's
    takeover of the C2 domain.




  9. FPS is a Good person. FTATF.!!

    .by the nasty way. ..what in the USA are you doing today for coffee , what with Starbucks shut down for employee indoctrination.?
    Kyle pissed off the Soros funded $$ Snowflakes. This Pisses me off also.
    Thanks and Good Luck. 😉

  10. But you can have gallons of alcohol at your house and be a totally ragging alcoholic and has an arsenal of weapons and that's accepted in the Federal government eyes….. reality of our world!

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