Caribbean Flavors From the Denver Highlands: BONG APPÉTIT with Simply Pure

Let’s get cooking! Host Abdullah Saeed travels to his home-away-from-home—the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado—for another weedful day. Here he meets …


  1. Jamaican flavors not Caribbean…. you want to have autentic Caribbean you have to have a menu with all the food you can only get in the caribbean… 3 years Jamaican Chef doesnt make you expert on Caribbean food …. ps Jamaica is not the only island in the Caribbean we have much more every island with their own food and identity.. but we all love Cannabis such a beautiful plant

  2. This is why I hate living in Vail/Denver. I'm so sick and tired of this pompous "mile high" attitude. My family is 5+ generation natives, and I'm ready to get the fuck out of Colorado because of this very stuck-up mentality. I can't even finish watching this episode.

  3. yo that wife dudes got is cool as fuck man and i bet when she was younger she was probably bad as fuck. shes still bad tho. and shes a fucking boss. man i fuck with her, homeboy is a lucky dude if he had to settle down he chose right.

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