Cannabis oil and 4 stage primary liver cancer

Ed got an extra 5 years of quality life, but than died due to his bad liver. I still highly recommend to use cannabis oil for cancer, but i also would incorporate other …


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  2. My heart goes to all those suffering with Chronic Health Conditions. You can only take intense pain for so long before you’ll do anything to escape it. You suffering from “Cancer, chronic pain,Leukemia, Insomnia, arthritis, appetite, sleeping, stress, and other related infections, you can find HELP and MEDS. *Text; (978) 707-9505 or email: [email protected]

  3. I ❤️ this video! Thank you! My Dad has stage 4 cancer and it hasMetastasized. He is fading fast😭 I have got him some RSO but he won’t take it because of his doctors. It is already payed for and on his Shelf! Any advice to help me get him to take it? Before it’s too late!

  4. Yep. Unfortunately, I couldn't convince my mom to be open-minded to such "nonsense" before it had spread from her liver to her lungs and spine. Oh, and my own colon cancer that returned within 6 months after "emergency" surgery last year…?

    What cancer? 😉

  5. These big companies only care about money and profits they could get.{email: [email protected]} They don't care what will be the effect of their greediness to all the people and their surroundings what really causes cancer are all this preserve food they are making, how can a preserve food last for three months, i have been buying preserved food for my kids as a single father because i do not have enough time for my kids due to my job, then suddenly my first daughter feel sick and i quickly run a check on her and discovered she was diagnosed of cancer, as a Doctor i looked for cure but couldn't find any my daughter started taking drugs like her whole life depends on it, it wasn't working the cancer was still spreading i searched more on the internet i found a testimony on how it cured someone then .i copied the email immediately the email [email protected] i wrote to this very email [email protected], in an hour i got a feedback asking me few questions, and enlightened me on how to get the oil in the next 48hours, i placed my order and in the next 48hours the medication oil got to me in Nairobi Kenya immediately my daughter started using the oil, it been two months now, since my daughter has been using the medication oil and the cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by me and other doctors i put up this piece of testimony for the sake of those once who need this oil to please don't die in silence their is a cure for your cancer today email: [email protected] and get the oil.

  6. My wife was diagnosed with a cancer, ( before i learnt of Rick Simpsons oil / RSO ) the hospital said to do chemotherapy and radiotherapy.. she did.. and went through a lot.. but no cure, after a while the doctors said the cancer was spreading and we could look for alternatives.. i searched the internet and found out about the oil.. asked alot of questions.. watched the videos etc.. we made the oil our selves but it couldn’t just work out we were doing more harm than good and the cancer was still there spreading, i searched more on the internet i found a testimony on how a lady got the oil via an email immediately copied the email: i wrote to this very email and in an hour later i got a reply back asking me some few questions, and enlightened me on how to get the oil in the next 48hours, i placed my order and in the next 48hours the medication oil got to us. immediately my wife started using the oil, it been two months now, since my wife has been using the medication oil and the cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by the doctor. i put up this piece of testimony for the sake of those people who need this oil to please don’t die in their silence, there is a cure for your cancer today and get the oil. To place your order Email him on: [email protected]
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  7. When you were offered the Flu shot, it was not to help you, it was to weaken your immune system down more so you would DIE bc you were beating the AMA lies about 4-stage cancer meaning no hope to live. Most people put on Hospice Care always DIES. You beat the odds & I'm so happy for you & ur sweet wife!!!!! GOD bless you all for sharing your testimony to give others HOPE to LIVE!!

  8. My heart goes to all those suffering with Chronic Health Conditions. You can only take intense pain for so long before you'll do anything to escape it. You suffering from "Cancer, chronic pain,Leukemia, Insomnia, arthritis, appetite, sleeping, stress, and other related infections, you can find HELP and MEDS.
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    My name is Kendrick Larson, am from Austrialia, I never thought i would ever be free of Cancer in my life, after been diagnosed with CANCER of the LUNG in 2015, i have tried everything possible in life, from one doctor to another, one hospital to another, series of tests, different kinds of medications, i had already lost hope until i saw Dr. SANI"s online testimonies, a specialist in herbal medications and treatments, i contacted him ([email protected]) and he prepared some herbal medications and oil for CANCER for me which i took for about 20days and now i am completely cured. I want to use this medium to express my gratitude to him for saving my life and curing me from CANCER of the LUNG, for taking away all my pains and sorrows, I''m indeed grateful and i am so happy I''m now free of this Cancer disease. I will forever be grateful and continue to tell the good news of your great works to everyone. If you have any type of CANCER or other Diseases, you can contact him too.
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    Thank you my great doctor for curing me. Keep up your great work…

  11. CANCER IS A VITAMIN-DEFICIENCY DISEASE, by Richard Thripp: HOW TO CURE IT: DO NOT SUBMIT TO RADIO- & CRYO-ABLATIVE & CHEMO- “THERAPIES” — TAKE PANCREATIC ENZYMES — AVOID CERTAIN FOODS & HABITS — TAKE VITAMIN B17 (1 to 6 grams daily on a full stomach) AND THE VITAMINS LISTED BELOW — EAT THE CARCINOLYTIC FOODS LISTED BELOW — “Therapeutic” radiation, in any amount, harms living tissue. (Röntgen rays, electromagnetic radiation, x-rays, x-radiation, ionizing radiation, corpuscular radiation can be implemented for diagnostic purposes, but never for therapeutic benefit.) Chemo- “therapy” poisons healthy tissue [necrocytotoxin – a toxin that produces death of cells]. Of the 4 protocols in traditional (allopathic) cancer “therapy”: surgery (cutting), radiation (burning), cryo-ablation/cryosurgery (hypothermia) & chemo/chemical/chemicocautery (poisoning/toxifying), only manual surgery possesses some legitimacy when malignant (cancerous) growth has reached a certain stage. It is far better to avoid cancer than to treat it. Cancer is the body's inability to stop the process of healing, the same natural process in producing a placenta (that one pound organ attached to the uterine membrane which serves to nourish a developing baby). The essential anti-cancer (tumoricidal) vitamin is VITAMIN B17 (known as Amygdalin, and as Laetrile when synthesized from apricot pips). If you have cancer you must greatly reduce, or avoid: caffeine, tobacco, red meat, alcohol, corn syrup, cane sugar, tomato products. [U.S. cancer affliction rates: the year 1900 : 3%; 1950 : 20%; 1972 : 27%; 1999 : 39%; by 2020 : 50%]

    VITAMIN B17 is abundant in these foods: the seeds of apples, loquats, pears, pumpkins, watermelons; as well as in apricot kernels, bamboo shoots, barley grass (research: Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara) & wheat grass, beet tops, bitter almond, blackberries, boysenberries, brewers yeast, brown rice, buckwheat, cashews, cherry kernels, cranberries, currants, eucalyptus leaves, fava beans, flax seeds, garbanzo beans, gooseberries, guyabano, huckleberries, lentils, lima beans, linseed meat, loganberries, macadamia nuts, millet, millet seed, peach kernels, pecans, plum kernels, pokeberries, prickly ash bark, quince, raspberries, sorghum cane syrup, spinach, sprouts, tapioca (manioc), vetches and watercress. A person whose diet is deficient in these nitrilosidic foods (those foods rich in Amygdalin, the substance of which the molecularity is 1 part: the natural analgesic benzaldehyde, 1 part: hydrogen cyanide, 2 parts: glucose) is incapable of stopping the over-production of healing cells thus this person has cancer. To aid the pancreas a patient should take pancreatic enzymes & eat fresh pineapple and papaya. Supplement your diet with the nutrients (of which 95% of Americans are chronically deficient) that compliment Laetrile (vitamin B17): zinc (which is the transport mechanism for Laetrile/vitamin B17) ~ vitamin C (build up to 6 grams a day) ~ manganese ~ magnesium ~ selenium ~ vitamins B6, B9 & B12 ~ vitamin A ~ vitamin E (at least 2,000 I.U.) A cheap, over-the-counter, urine-analysis pregnancy test is accurate in 92% of cases at detecting cancerous cell activity in the body. Men & women can test for cancer upon rising with a pregnancy test as cancer and pre-embryonic cells are virtually indistinguishable (in functionality) from cells designated as: adenocarcinomal, adenocarcinomic, adenocarcinomical, ameboid, amniotic, amniotical, anaplastic, anaplastical, angiogenetic, angiogenetical, angiogenic, angiogenical, angiosarcomal, astrocytomal, astrocytomic, atypical, basal, basaltic, blastocystic, cacoethic, canceral, cancerial, cancerian, cancerigenic, cancerigenical, cancerillic, canceritic, cancerogenic, cancerogenical, cancroidal, cancerophilic, cancerus (archaic), cankerous, carcinoembryonic, carcinoembryonical, carcinogenic, carcinogenical, carcinoidal, carcinomal, carcinomatoid, carcinomatous, carcinomic, carcinosarcomal, cholangiocarcinomal, chondrosarcomal, chordomal, dedifferentiated, desmoistic, desmoplastic, desmoplastical, dyscrasial, dysgerminomal, dysgerminomic, dysplastic, dysplastical, embryonal, embryonic, embryonical, endometrial, endophytic, epithelial, epitheliomatous, endophytic, exophytic, extra-embryonic, fetational, fetoplacental, fetoplacentic, foetational, fibroblastic, germinogenic, gestational, glioblastomal, hemangiosarcomal, histometaplastic, Hürthle, hypermutable, hypermutagenic, leiomyosarcomal, leukemial, leucaemicus, leukaemic, leukaemical, leukemic, leukemical, leukocythemic, leukocytomic, liposarcomal, lymphomal, lymphomic, macroglobulinemiac, malignant, malignantal, malignantic, malignus, medulloblastomal, melanocytic, melanomatous, melanotic, metastatic, metastatical, Müllerian, mutagenic, mutagenical, mutated, mutational, mycoplasmal, mycoplasmic, mycoplasmical, myelodysplastic, myelodysplastical, myelomal, myelomatoid, myelomonocytic, myelomonocytical, myeloproliferative, myxoid, myxoidic, necrogenic, necrogenous, neo-blastic, neo-embryonic, neo-fetal, neo-formative, neo-genetic, neo-genetical, neo-plasiac, neo-plasmatic, neo-plasmatical, neo-plasmical, neo-plasmic, neo-plastic, neo-plastigenic, nephroblastomal, neurofibrosarcomal, odontogenic, oncogenic, oncologic, oncological, osteosarcomal, paramalignant, paraneoplasmic, paraneoplastic, paraneoplastical, pathogenetic, pathogenetical, pathogenic, pathogenical, placental, placentational, pleiomorphic, pleomorphic, polycythemial, polymorphic, polymorphical, pluripotent, pre-cancerous, pre-embryonal, pre-leukemic, promyelocytic, promyelocytical, proto-embryonic, proto-leukemic, pre-squamous, pre-tumorous, proto-oncogenetic (gene), proto-tumorous, pseudocystical, quasi-neoplastic, sarcoidal, sarcomal, sarcomatous, seminomal, squamous, toxicogenic, toxicogenomic, trophic, trophical, trophoblastic, trophoblastical, trophoplasmatic, trophoplasmic, tumefactive, tumefied, tumid, tumidus, tumoral, tumorigenic, tumorigenical, tumorlike, tumorous, tumoural, tumourous. Watch (available on You-Tube) G. Edward Griffin's "World Without Cancer."

    IN BRIEF Concerning Cancer: 1. Take a pregnancy test just after waking up. For men a positive result means either cancer or a false positive. Take another test the next day. If a man gets 3 positive results then likely he has cancer somewhere. For women a positive result means (if she's able to become pregnant) she's pregnant or she has cancer, or she's pregnant and she has cancer, or a false positive (the test result is wrong). 2. Several positive pregnancy test results = cancer. What next? STOP eating red meat, sugar, corn syrup. STOP drinking booze. STOP (or at least cut back on) smoking. 3. Eat fresh pineapple & papaya. Take vitamin B17 (at least 1 gram daily) and wheat grass and/or barley grass liquid or capsules (they're rich in vitamin B17), on a full stomach daily (you can't overdose on them ~ they're not poisonous). Take a zinc supplement. Take pancreatic enzymes. REVIEW: TAKE pregnancy tests to detect cancer. TAKE vitamin B17 (and as many of the listed vitamins as you can, especially zinc). Eat fresh pineapple & papaya. STOP eating red meat & cane sugar. It will take several weeks on B17 therapy to turn out negative pregnancy test results. The tumor WILL NOT shrink much even after the cancer is gone because only 10% of the tumor was cancer. The tumor MAY swell temporarily as the vitamin B17 kills malignant cells. NOTE: Vitamin B17 therapy WILL NOT destroy the tumor! Vitamin B17 therapy will destroy the malignant cells (cancerous cells) of the tumor and within the tumor. Only 5% to 10% of the cells comprising a tumor are cancerous cells. In time the tumorous growth will be absorbed, in whole or in part. Unless the tumor is cosmetically displeasing, impinging nerves or blood vessels or hampering normal bodily function then let it be.

    The life expectancy for American medical doctors is 58 years.
    The life expectancy for Haitian voodoo witch doctors is 62.7 years.

    WEB: Dr. Dean Burk (March 21, 1904 – October 6, 1988), head of the Cytochemistry section of the National Cancer Institute has reported that in a series of tests on animal tissue, the B-17 had no effect, but released so much cyanide and Benzaldehyde when it came in contact with cancer cells that not one of them could survive. He said, ”When we add Laetrile to a cancer culture under the microscope, we see the cancer cells dying off like flies.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  12. People, it’s not a cure all treatment. You have to combine the Phoenix Tears with healthy eating, low stress, no contact with any cancer causing chemicals (which is almost everything from window cleaner to laundry detergent)… you can’t expect to just take some under your tongue and be good the next day.

    Hemp oil cured my moms bladder cancer but she combined it with the earlier listed items.

  13. A great testimony i must share to all cancer patient in the world i never believed that their could be any complete cure for lung cancer or any cancer,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites [email protected])of how Rick Simpson cannabis oil brought them back to life again i had to try it too and you cant believe that in just few weeks i started using it all my pains stop gradually, and i had to leave without using the drugs the doctor gave to me,right now i can tell you that for months now i have never had any pain and i have just went for text and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any cancer again,glory be to Jesus for leading me to this genuine man called Rick Simpson, i am so happy for sharing this testimony,my advice to you people that think that their is no cure for cancer,just contact and get the oil treatment from Rick Simpson try it and you will not regret it because it truly works and here is his email([email protected]) God bless you all and i wish you a quick recovery

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