1. Awesome videos. These 2 weeks will see a run due to two catalysts coming:

    1) Ontario opens its stores – April 1

    2) NY votes for adult use – April 1

    Depending on the run, it will be a sell the news event on April 1 in my opinion. It can't get more exciting than this.

  2. Newbie trader here trying to understand what I think may be very significant signals. Does anyone have a clue what all the crazy end of day was? Cura, Cweb, Trul, GGB, WL huge bear volume yet HMMJ, mmen, weed, nbev, GTI, and many others had huge bull volume. Especially Curas last minute – wild up swing then total collapse. Please share advice. PS. thank you Dan for all your time and effort.

  3. Dan, Thank you for going into detail on the long term investor side of things at the end of the video – im too inexperienced yet to do good with swing trades or day trading and always done long term investing but am new to this sector. My gut and analysis telling me its a more risky time right now to take long term positions (sitting on all cash), but hearing it from an expert is even more of a relief. It gets confusing considering there are more experienced investors now in this sector that are holding long and its entered a new stage where legalization is in and many companies could get "weeded" out, so it was nice to get reassurance – Thanks! Even though I'm long term I watch all your videos!

  4. Dan you're the Man! Was just out west skiing at park city utah, hike up part of the mountain at the very top and played the song "Here (In your Arms)" once i got to the top and took a video before i skiied down, with the song and now its suchhhhh a strong memory and also makes the song better for me. Great recommendation of listening to music to help capture the moment and making it more powerful

    need to go back out there in the summer its been a while

  5. Dan. I'm sure get get asked all the time to cover people's favorite stocks. But I've been curious for the past few days if you might be willing to throw coverage on Grow Generation in your US plays videos at some point? They're soon about to uplist giving them much needed liquidity, management seems to be making good moves, and they just dont get the coverage they deserve.

    Thanks for your thoughtful analysis! Your opinion is much appreciated.

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