Blue Dream Cannabis Strain Review: Medical Marijuana For Quick Symptom Relief

Blue Dream Information: Blue dream is a sativa dominant hybrid from California thats well known for its swift but gentle euphoric effects, sweet flavors, and …


  1. I know I've said it before but I'll repeat it: I would really like to see long sleeve all-cotton shirts that are not too obvious about cannabis use – like just your logo: Uptown Growlab

  2. Blue Dream, a favorite. I've had all types of Blue Dream, indoor, outdoor, Greenhouse. And all of them hold of their reputation, I've ran it indoor in set up in my video for its first run. It's a very easy plant to grow, and it's a great yielder.

  3. you crank out such amazing content your my muse I want to have my channel end where yours is at now it is production quality brother. Cheers. liked of course

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