1. People will just keep replacing drugs for other drugs. Kratom is a drug it will give you bad side affects and withdrawal. People need to wake up and change their diets cut out all dairy and gluten, take viramin c and b viramins. This is a sure way amazing start to feeling better in life. Thank me later

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  4. Excellent video man. Been taking 14g doses of some yellow Vietnam. Yellow is fermented green vein and is a little more potent but same price. $120 a kilo. Anyway thanks for the vid.

  5. WHY DOESN'T THE GOVERNMENT SUPPORT KRATOM FOR PEOPLE IN OPIATE WITHDRAWAL!?!?! IT WORKS BETTER THAN SUBOXONE/SUBUTEX/METHADONE. I have been off oxycodone for a couple weeks now, I feel great, and I rarely even think pain pills now. You get the euphoria, which I actually find to be superior to the oxy. I use Happy Hippo slow strains, and it's a damn miracle. They are headquartered in Boise, about an hour from my house. Their product is absolutely superior.

  6. Unfortunately MANY drug addicts WILL abuse this …AND ..when taken in excess along with OTC cold medicines and/or other prescription meds the results can be life threatening. And don't tell me I'm wrong… Especially when i just spent last night with my son in the ER after he did just this.
    DRUG ADDICTS are ADDICTS…. These *guidelines are for people who don't lack coping skills and control over themselves ….
    You're pushing a drug on its *positive points in an echo chamber full of drug ADDICTS which just perpetuates DRUG ABUSE

  7. What happen to the opiate withdrawal help video ? That video motivated me to try Kratom . Although I've had my ups and downs , Kratom has helped me not completely collapse . Thanks for that video RR !!

  8. @Rooster Ross. You say it only hits the delta opioid receptor which means it has low risk for dependency. Try to look up exactly what the delta receptor does. Nobody has any idea. It's believed to be associated with pain reduction and nothing else is known about it. So how can you make claims that it has low risk for dependency?

  9. Also, remember some of the strains are blended. Gold Bali has red Bali in it, so if you take a lot of gold Bali one day, remember that taking red Bali The next day May result in diminished returns because the gold ALREADY had red in it !!!!!

  10. Hey guys, here is something you won't be told, but is very important: LESS IS MORE. keep your doses around 2-4 grams each time. It feels as good as bigger doses, you won't develop tolerance and you will save money. I started talking 15 gram at a time and I noticed sometimes it wouldn't give me euphoria, and I found out that you are overloading your brain (I'm paraphrasing) and it results in less or NO euphoria. I dose 3-4 times a day. Start with 1 to 2 grams and wait 3-4 hours between doses. Remember to alternate the strains. This is why it is good to have as many different strains as possible.

  11. Have as many strains and colors as possible, alternate them, eg., reds on Monday, whites on Tuesday, etc…… Kratom will ALWAYS work as long as you alternate colors and strains

  12. Hello, if you are struggling with opioids or opiates , go get kratom , any strain will work. The colors feel the same. Fuck your Vicodin or heroin habit, kratom is awesome. It does NOT depress your breathing system, so you won't overdose

  13. This video is wrong. Kratom is NOT an opioid. It has opioid-like qualities. An opioid would be Vicodin , oxycontin, etc…. Kratom is a botanical…. ALL NATURAL. leaves from specific trees. Opioids are man-made poison. Get it right dude

  14. This is possibly the best review/description of Kratom I've seen.. very real, non-clinical advice! I've been taking Kratom for about a year and this info is dead on!

  15. I got Lyme disease in 2016 and it saved my life!! I’m lucky bc it’s still safe here in Pennsylvania and there’s an incredible vendor less than five minutes from me. It’s been amazing for me!

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