In this video i demonstrate 5 methods of dabbing without a dabs rig or dabs bong. 1. Dabs On a bowl of weed 2. In a wadded up rolling paper 3. Hash oil Knife …


  1. Lol any of you gentlemen think I can smoke this stuff like smack? Tinfoil, straw, and a hot lighter? Smack ain’t my thing but one of the ways of consuming it seems like it could work with Shatter or Dabs, I’m just spit balling here

  2. Quite helpful. Thanks. I'm just so overwhelmed with choice but have little $$ so your video helped me a lot. Gives me options until I have more cash and information.

  3. Get a piece of tin foil. Square piece is good. put your finger in the middle and make yourself a little cup. It should look like a piece of tin foil with a little finger cup in it like a flower. put your dab in while holding one of the edges. Get your cut water bottle and hold it right over the tin foil with your mouth. Light it up. Suck it up or let it collect and then huff. Now you know how to smoke Heroin too but with heroin youre just putting it on tin foil and using a rolled up bill to suck. none of this fancy shit.

  4. The RDA method works wonders! I had one laying around that I bought when I first quit smoking that I never got into using and tried some shatter on it after seeing this video, wrecked off just a tiny piece lol. Another way not mentioned is to just melt it and smear it on a paper like you would with Honey/Hash oil, a little wastefull but most people around where I'm from do it that way.

  5. My vape was a lifesaver when my cousin busted my rig last week. These are all genius. On the pop bottle leave it longer and cut off two small tabs on the bottom to fit your knives/tools. This way you can keep more of the dab towards your point of inhaling rather than it escaping out the bottom. I also used an old lamp that was broken to make a stand for mine but you can rig anything up easily.

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