1. My friend swears by this recipe. Alas the roots are not killed and couch grass and bindweed will come back. Glyphosate is good but not suitable for use near water courses. It also dentures soil as microbes rely on the vegetation.

  2. WOW does that dude have Dawn! And I thought I was the only one that insane over Dawn!
    I just hope he's using coupons. Use the 25-cent coupon and get the $1 Dawn for 75 cents. more bottles, but the same, 90 ounces will cost around $7.50. sometimes they'll offer 50 cents off a specific one, like the overnight. brings the 90 ounces to $4.50!

  3. it does not do the same thing with just vinegar. epsom salt adds to the soil. dawn strips the oil off the weeds helping kill them. it takes more applications of just vinegar

  4. Just use vinegar does the same thing, without any worries of clogging your sprayer. Also if your sprayer has any metals parts make sure you wash it off well other it will corrode with the vinegar.

  5. We live in the desert in AZ and these sort of recipes do NOT work on tough desert weeds… I have tried straight vinegar, salt, soap, etc.    Doesn't touch them.  We have tried 2  – 3 aplpications and I ended up digging them all out by hand.   Pricker rushes, Tumbleweeds, etc. are TOO TOUCHED.  We have a horse so we can't use RoundUp so I have to take a shovel and dig them by hand.    Plants that do not need much water are not going to be affected by these.   Broad leaf weeds in wetter climates this might work.

  6. Great tip. I have seen several of these weedkiller recipes and they are all basically the same ingredients and they claim to work.  But my question is does this prevent the weeds from coming back? Or prevent new ones from coming out? I would think so, but does anyone have proof.? Want to know too how often I should spray (the clean weed free yard) in and effort to prevent new growth (if this is supposed to prevent too). Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing the video.

  7. I see the enviro benefits of your vinegar brew, however, if it is cost and kill performance that you are interested in, glyphosate at the recommended dosage (according to the container) is only 15ml/L. I buy 360g/L glyphosate concentrate at my local hardware store for $9.99 for 1 Litre. This makes 66.67 Litres at the recommended dosage of 15ml/L. Hence $9.99/66.67 = 15 cents per litre of mixed weed killer. Your brew is really expensive by comparison…$2.38/5 = 47 cents per litre??

  8. They will grow back in a month or two but they always do. The grasses grow back fastest. I have used professional sprays that take 2 weeks to kill weeds and the weeds grew back 3 weeks later.

  9. I'm gonna try this out today, I've got a huge weed problem and my back hurts from pulling them only to have them back in two weeks. Thanks for the info, glad I subbed!

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