1. My husband made the rso for me into suppositories.I have a mass on my kidney. I used half gram. I got a headed for two days and I been sleeping for 2 days. Is it normal to get headed the first time? thanks

  2. Interesting that the study found THC kills cancer cells, while everyone else is pushing CBD ONLY as the major medical breakthrough and main focus of legalization. Now, why would that be?

  3. Listen carefully. Rick Simpson showed the "dark patches" of skin to his doctor and suggested maybe mary jane could help and was rebuffed by his doctor. At NO TIME were those dark patches ever biopsyed or lab tested to confirm they were cancerous at all…AT ALL. This is marihuana oil folks, made the same way as it has been for LOng time. Yes, pot has some medicinal value but this RSO is bunk based science. Dig deeper and you will see this is true!

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