Zombie Kush Cannabis Strain Review Smackdown with Matt K

What is Zombie Kush Weed Strain? Zombie Kush is a made from a cross between Sideral with Bubba Kush. It has euphoric and relaxing effects with variations …


  1. Thank u for sharing! I got some shake (for cannabis infused coconut oil) (organic OG Kush) that was loaded with seeds (didnt check). At first i was like – i’ve been ripped – but being the seed saver that i am – i felt i hit the jack pot! They germinate well and my cc oil is amazing – win win. http://www.organicallyann.com

  2. You wonder how they got seeded? Cant you see the bananas? at 1:22 right in the middle. Ripper seeds, and a lot of other modern seedbanks fem stuff has a tendency to show bananas in late flower. So you need to harvest them really early/too early a lot of times. Dont get me wrong, a lot of reg strains show bananas in late flower too, but only in really late flower when they are overdone.

  3. LOL, Mark's face was priceless after you said the Asian eyes thing! I had to watch that part three or four times, and lost it laughing at his face. Maybe it's just because I'm stoned. 😆

  4. F f first you fahhking stoner !
    Enjoyed your live earlier and smash your like on this new video ! Awsome review looks tasty ! Havnt had a chance to try it yet

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