1. Warning: This video — arguably the most important documentary ever — is being censored and delisted from search results. To confirm, YouTube search “zeitgeist moving forward” and scroll until you find the official video. 0 views.

  2. Oy Vey, an Animal Farm. Goy like that. We are too stupid to own freedom. Why are there only white people in that video? Where is the famous 'diversity'. Are you racist or something? Lol

  3. I’m curious as to how many dislikes are from the many Christian fundamentalists indoctrinated by fear by dogmatic homosexual child molesters who have bamboozled those gullible Christians into unknowingly taking up their secret practices of worshiping The SUN🌞 of god and encoding the KJV Bible with aspects of Aztrotheology Numerology Magik Paganism and blood sacrifices to the Arcons. Which no doubt they would defend to the death while denying it with the same exact intensity.

  4. Sharing this documentary, as well as, The Choice is Ours: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Yb5ivvcTvRQ is the best way to create public awareness of the true possibilities of a society with the highest standard of living ever achieved for all the World's people.

    This transition will see the World's first truly advanced civilization without war, without poverty, and without all the associated negative externalities that we see in our current societal system. The most important thing you can do is share these documentaries, it's so easy to share a link, you'll be taking action to re-educate those that are not aware. Never be complacent, always push forward, and never be a defeatist. The only thing that is a constant in our World is change. Remember, together we can change the World, alone we can only pass judgement.

  5. SOCIALISM puts an end to exploitation. Working people are organized as the ruling class. Banks, Railways, communications, shipping, large agribusiness and industrial corporations, the military, will all belong to the people, who will decide policy by means of meeting halls, Internet, press, radio and TV. The work week is reduced, with annual paid vacations, free hotels and spas, free medical care, free education including university, culture by and for the people, equality for women in economic, cultural and political life, child care centers. Unemployment is done away with, trade unions assure that workers cannot be fired, the State pays pensions and disability compensation, there is a distribution of housing so that homelessness is done away with, rent is less than 5% of income, all debts are canceled. War propaganda will be outlawed, as will war itself. Poverty will be ended with the recovery of the vast resources now wasted in war production, corporate profits and the extravagant lifestyles of the filthy rich. Production increases, science and technology are advanced, and the environment is protected. With capitalism gone, crime will begin to disappear. It is the profit system that corrupts and breeds crime.

  6. An incredible documentary with so much information based on undeniable facts. What I find mind blowing is that our politicians are either asleep at the wheel or frankly do not care because of their corrupt mindsets. When profit is the driving force, sustainability and efficiency will always be the enemy to economic growth and economic growth will NEVER be the barometer to social health and well being as the two do not correlate. And finally, in a world of such technological advancement it really saddens me that poverty is constantly on the rise as well as disease.

  7. The main thing PJ missed here is the idea that in order to accomplish the "revolution", it would take an entire population of people who are way more mature and evolved than most of the people currently on the planet. How will SCIENCE eliminate selfishness and greed in the average citizen, and replace it with humility and cooperation? The assumption is that everyone will behave perfectly logically, so everything will run smoothly. Very naïve, indeed! It's clear that PJ has never attempted to lead a group of opinionated people. Here's what else is missing from this film (besides people of color): women. It wasn't until 2:02 that a woman was interviewed – that's 2 hours in to the film, and then only for a short minute. Why is this important? For perspective: your average woman would know that it takes a LOT of socialization before people learn to behave cooperatively. (Think about it: who socializes our youth? Teachers. Who teaches our youth? Women.) So, there is a place for science in the world, BUT, without the teachers – the real leaders – none of the "science" will happen. At least, not without some fascist dictator forcing people to conform. There are some great ideas in the film, for sure, but it could use a reality check from people who have been out in the trenches of social change. Real revolution is MESSY!

  8. I am really glad I have watched this documentary. I am really glad I took Sociology and have an assignment to watch this video, or I won't even know that this video exists!!! Absolutely love it

  9. Tragedy of the commons writ large. Assumes a zero sum game – false. Assumes planetary limits on resources – false. The benefits of competition they assume can be produced altruistically – False. They know nothing about marginal needs and wants. Cocky pseudo-intellectualism at it's worst. If they think this will work, then buy some land and build such a city and all the productive needs built in and see how it works. Prove it at several locations first with the restriction that you cannot benefits from the advancements created by a system you disagree with. When I see a lot of these people talking it brings to mind Pol Pot but let them build their cities and lets see how it works out. Chicken Littleism repeated but the projected end of the world over and over again has failed. For example, their energy projections are way off – New solar generation plants are now the cheapest option almost everywhere.

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