Why humans run the world | Yuval Noah Harari

Seventy thousand years ago, our human ancestors were insignificant animals, just minding their own business in a corner of Africa with all the other animals.


  1. If you are interested in the origins of H. Sapiens (and all other members of the genus), you may enjoy watching a new theory’s short introductory video presentation @https://youtu.be/pCJq7fKsxjs (8 min. or alternatively, you can just read the pinned comment), proposing as the birthplace/natural environment of our species a permanent warm coastal fog most likely existing for 2.6 million years at the periphery of the Irish Sea Glacier (during late Pleistocene).

  2. "You give me a worthless piece of paper, and you expect me to give you a banana? No way! What do you think I am, a human?"

    God, I love this quote XD So genius, yet so simple.

  3. Ok. And where led this philosophy? What behind this speech? What conclusion might each of us make? We might behave ourselves like apes? We might refuse to soul and believes? It's not for me

  4. So we control the world because we control each other and buy into each other's fictional narratives? This collectivist crap makes me sick. The individual is the premiere article of humankind and is different from the chimpanze because it has the capacity for introspection and critical analysis. BECAUSE A HUMAN BEING IS AWARE THAT HE/SHE IS AWARE. Humans rule the world because an individual noticed that you could plant a seed and produce an edible crop. Agriculture.

    This guy's a joke.

  5. "money has no value" is an incredibly ignorant statement. "Value" is subjective by definition, so of course money has value, it's exactly the value that people attribute to it. You don't have to wear it to say that it has value. Money is an agreement between people that enables a more efficient exchange of goods than mere barter.

  6. the number "2" doesn't exist in reality either, but it's not a fiction, it's an abstraction, so it describes reality at an abstract level, which is why 2+2 equals 4 when applied to objects in reality.

  7. Animals are in equilibrium with the world… they can adapt to nature, they dont need to create grey cities with pollution and technology to live, humans cannot adapt in nature like animals… why do you feel that you have the right to say that humans are better than animals? Humans are in anyway better to animals… your arguments are so weak like a kindergarden child… no need to listen you…

  8. How does a CEO fire an employee? By simply uttering the words "You're fired." No change to physical reality is necessary – these words have the power to update our fictional reality on their own.

  9. Not all humans run the world. A very small select group. Not the brightest, not the strongest. What is their characteristic beyond greed?

  10. Mother Nature runs the world and everything in it. This turd's arrogance is, well, so human. We have been designed (metaphorical here) with a population regulation mechanism and the more crowded we are the more that mechanism is activated, as our "diseases of civilization" demonstrate so clearly. Stress R Us

  11. Damn I wish all the immature people can find something else to watch and make stupid comments on! IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE SO STOP TRYING TO FIND THINGS THATS NOT THERE

  12. I don't believe in money. If I sell my ten bananas today and then I use the money I get to buy banana 2 years later, then I'm only get like 7 or 8 bananas. It proves that there is something inherently wrong about this money idea. Someone just taking away the value of two bananas from me in two years without doing anything.

  13. Up to 11 minutes, isn't that all just because we have more intelligence than other organisms? So we can judge whether giving this banana now is better in longer run? Something that other species just can't because their limit of intelligence which limited their scope of thinking? So the reason that we can cooperate in larger and more flexible way is just intelligence rather than anything else?

  14. All of this feels like common sense if you've been partaking in some philosophical thought. Didn't learn much from the book either but I truly like and admire this man. He redirect the intellectual spectrum towards questions which exist within the abstract. By doing so he is helping us to create a more objective and rational reality which might lead some people from the black and white to the grey, which is a good thin, maybe a bit more boring for those individuals but a stray if inner calm all will appreciate.

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