1. JJ I want to would gelato that is the 33 the 25 or the 41 I wish these damn growers would let us know because we have no idea were smoking happens here in the bay area as well but me being from San Francisco you knew I was going to say something about that gelato JJ that gelato looks like boo-boo no offense to have a glue that I did not do a good job if the cookie family saw that they would probably throw it away my gelato that I always get is dark purple leaves taisa Barry Barry like that stuff just likes some regular Girl Scout cookies or thin man I don't know just my opinion I've smoked a lot of cookies I've lived in the bay area my whole life and that's always smoke I miss smoking that before Washington even knew what the hell cookies was anyways love you JJ hope your crowns is doing better hope you feel better happy new year to you and yours keep pumping out these videos man is the only thing that house and get the my shift at night time and doesn't put me to sleep LOL not a knock toward you just if the growers read this man please put what gelato it is so JJ can explain what July do it is and stop giving JJ kitchen weed and saying it's one thing but it's really another case between all of us on YouTube Lynn come on guys if anybody's from the Bay Area does that look like some gelato let's be real JJ stay up

  2. checked out the quiver titanium bong. damn i would not mind getting a gift like that. fill your bowl, roll your joint and charge your vape battery. peace & pot. one love.

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