1. different strains are from different places around the world.= different plants favor different temps and humidity. could be tricky to find a happy medium. i think they look fabulous

  2. Best to run those HLG 550 lights at 50% in Veg and raise to 75-80% in flower. 2-3 Feet away in Veg at 50-75% will be a good starting point and you can crank the drive up and test plant reaction. At 75% and higher at 18 inch-24 inch height the PAR will be high enough that if you are not adding CO at a constant PPM then you are wasting electricity and lowering the lifespan of the light at a faster rate. Personally you can see what girls are high PAR light loving and place them under HLG. Another factor is RH as well in veg, http://www.thehouseofhydro.com/store/p80/1diskmistmaker is a good solution with the fan distributing the mist. The higher the PPFD you need RH and CO2 in right amounts or else hermies or other stress is common. Once dialed in though, those girls should go beast frost in flower at 18 inches – 24 inches under HLG and the Electric Sky depending on strain can get closer than 18 inches to really frost out as the light has a really good spread . cant wait to see that Canna crank frost on the girls.

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