In this video, I talk about trichomes on cannabis plants. I also talk about using the trichomes to know when to harvest marijuana. If you enjoyed this video please …


  1. Another great video, thank you. I harvest when trichomes are about 5% amber no more if I can help it. I too prefer an uplifting energetic stone instead of the park it on the couch and pig out kind of high.

  2. Awesome videos, thank you for the knowledge might have to check the book!

    Just curious if you're using fox farm ocean forest for grows, do you ph and adjust soil before hand? Stuff seems a little
    Hot. I think I need to mix it up with something else and bring it down before using… thanks for advice or tips!

  3. Great topic this week brothaman! Also your website is awesome amazing info and great treads! I learned something about the trichomes. Awesome, i will wait till my trichomes are mostly cloudy with about 10% of amber, i want that thc % to be on point. Woohoo keep up the great work Mr Grow It.

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