Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #175: Drugs As Weapons Against Us with John Potash

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  1. I really like this podcast but man these guys are gullible. Just believe a bunch of stories about lsd without any scientific evidence whatsoever. Please talk to a few scientists about this. This narrative is highly suspect to anyone well versed in the physiology of lsd

  2. Why doesn't anyone ever mention Dimebag Darrell?!??!! Dimebag was shot almost exactly 20 years to the day(around the same month and day as well)as John Lennon?! *Lennon was shot by a crazed fan* so was Darrell ** Lennon musician=Darrell musician*– * Both supposed gun men just happened to have "Catcher in the Rye" A supposed MK ULTRA trigger book…a lot of weird coincidence's?!??!!!!!!! Dimebag Darrell was pro-drug, pro-cannabis, so was Lennon…….

  3. CIA ended up ditching LSD when it wasn't as controllable as they hoped I thought. I don't doubt it's possible to do too much but it ain't all bad. Reset button

  4. This episode was awesome. Blew my mind. Must have a part 2 and maybe an episode just on Courtney Love and her evil life. Keep it up Sam!! I saw you At Tacoma Comedy Club, you killed it! Tin foil hat fan for life

  5. I think this is the first episode where I actually completely disagree with the guest. Guy seems like a great dude, and I 100% believe the CIA tried to use lsd as a weapon, but this guy appears to be blaming the drug(s) itself, not necessarily how it was used. I've gotten incredible insights from psychedelics throughout my life.
    Obviously that's my personal experience, but it doesn't mean it's not true. Also, lsd was abandoned by the CIA because it wasn't able to do what they wanted to. John obviously is very knowledgeable and would probably destroy me in a debate, having said that I think he's mistaken in his view on these drugs. But this is what I love about this podcast; I can listen to a guy I don't agree with at all and it's ok! I love the varied opinions and ideas I hear from TFH. Sam and XG are doing amazing work!

  6. Isn't all the bad opium that's killing Americans coming from China? Seems like they are the ones also at war against us, using our old tactics. Not to mention they are buying up all our real estate, making the prices unaffordable to regular Americans and increasing the cost of living making us debt slaves and go bankrupt. Meanwhile all our politicians are asleep at the wheel. You guys are only scratching the surface here.

  7. I was with him until he started attacking MAPS! Clearly not educated on what they're doing… Good people with great intentions! As a longtime psychedelic user… I'm calling BS on a good portion of this one.

  8. Corrections for this episode, the golden triangle and opium production is not in China, or India, or the Himalayas. It is in modern day Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The C.I.A. was the O.S.S. before WWII and created for espionage, propaganda, and behind the lines military. Timothy Leary was not an LSD cook, he was a Harvard Professor. The LSD cook's name was Owsley Stanley. He made it for Ken Keasey and the Merry Pranksters, a whole book The Electric Kool-Aid acid tests was written about it Keasey was an amazing author. The Grateful Dead were a popular bluegrass band before called the Warlocks. LSD became popular because it was legal and even sold in magazines, although I guarantee they kept it legal for so long knowing how it influenced people. What the guest did not mention was the ties to pedophilia. Lots of these parties were filled with young girls, and Hunter S Thompson describes one he witnessed in Hell's Angels. The poet and friend of Keasey Allen Ginsberg was a known pedophile. Hells Angels were also created and inspired by the Merry Pranksters. LSD and Shrooms do not cause permanent damage, MDMA however does if used more than 4 times a year.

  9. who cares if he didnt have drugs in his system when he went into a coma a month earlier? he clearly relapsed cuz he went to rehab after that!! heroins relapse all the fucking time, thats no evidence. even 98% of users who finish rehab end up relapsing within the first 6 months to a year.

  10. "Cannabis makes you violent" according to the guest on Rogan. LSD breaks your brain according to the guest on TFH. Well, well, well… it looks like the "War on Drugs" is alive and well. Stay "woke," everyone.

  11. Lsd turns atheists to believers sociopathic personalities into compassionate people and can heal lifetimes of trauma, so what benefit do the power elite gain from making people more caring and less divisive? Dumb shits.

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