Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli # 174: The Eagle Vs The Serpent Part 2 with Matt Lacroix

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  1. Anyone else notice Sam twitching like he took a big ass master blaster of crack. Can't stop touching his nose either. Sobriety. Dig into that conspiracy theory. XG probably got the job cause he's his coke man. I don't see him doing much else.

  2. Sam are you going to do an episode on Bill Coopers research of the secret societies and religions that control the world? I think looking into that after part 3 with this guy will give you a more complete understanding of all this.

    You’re my favorite podcast out by far right now!

  3. After listening, for those who want to look up some related shit in the meantime.

    A story that’s hard to find info about is how the druids got to Scotland. Legend tells of an exiled princess, the daughter of King Tut and the mother’s name you would recognize but it’s hard to spell, was driven to the green isles after her family was overthrown by the nearby Nubians. With her she carried the Stone of Scone, commonly referred to as the Stone of Destiny. Which somehow later would sit under the very thrown that rules England. There’s a movie and story about it, in the past few years, about a group of guys stealing and trying to take it back to Scotland and breaking it in the process. Either way, Scotta is why it’s called Scotland and you’ll notice both cultures wearing kilts.

    Another pathway to explore would be Carlos Castaneda. An UCLA student/anthropologist met a shaman named Don Juan Matus. He wanted to learn the medicinal use of weed, mushrooms and peyote by actual indigenous cultures. Later, he became his apprentice and learned how to become a “seer” with knowledge from the ancients who were dream warriors that used this life and energy as preparation for a dance with death where they could escape the eagle’s grasp and continuing your awareness in another plane of existence. One of the books is called the Eagel’s Gift. These books are where George Lucas got the idea for the Jedi. Don Juan is Obi-won, the strange wizard in the dessert. It deals with overcoming foreign agents and silencing the internal dialogue by stopping the world. Critics used to have a case that he lied and made it up until researchers later found out that China had visited and influenced the Olmecs in ancient times. Carlos Castaneda’s book mentions the lay lines that cover the earth that were discovered long after he was gone. I’ve read all of the books and they’re really fascinating. My synopsis is a lazy attempt compared to how much most of the dialogue has a lot to do with what he mentions in the video to Sam.

    Also, if you aren’t aware, the reason why they thought Mecca was the center is because there’s a giant,, alien-like cube that people flock too to walk in circles around and it’s a perfect representation of Saturn from afar. It’s the reason why you wear a black square when you graduate. That’s an old episode but definitely a power source of some kind.

    Sorry for typing too much but this was a really good guest. It felt like Dan Aroyd describing Zhoul to a bunch of criminals in the jail cell scene.

  4. Holy shit sam fix ur face i know youre sober but u got tucker Carlson on meth face still mad love for yall but damn it was distracting seeing your jaw go

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