1. This is so sad!!! They gasp for air with each puff. I've watched a video of a baby in the womb during the mother smoking. It's worse than these still shots! It's the saddest thing!!!

  2. I am not pro smoking but this is a definite lie and bogus scare tactic.
    This sort of deception demeans the university and the person behind such unscientific rot.
    Extensive smoking research has shown that it takes two minutes for a cigarette to affect a smokers blood system and a placenta filters blood to the child at its own pace.
    Any monoxides in the smoke would not enter the womb, only nicotine would leak through.
    A real scientist would test the effects of nicotine in tablet form on smoking mothers instead of a cigarette to see if that is the active agent.
    But primarily it shows that mothers that are engaged in an activity show a response of activity from their child, whereas mothers who just sit passive have a passive child.
    Give the passive mothers an activity while being scanned like eating and see if they get an active response from the child.
    This sort of thing damages the anti smoking movement.

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