Theraplant Kirica 1 T22 3951 = Diamond Valley OG THC 21 13%

Theraplant Kirica-1 T22 3951 = Diamond Valley OG (THC 21.13%) THC 0.5% THCA 21.8% CBD 0.1% CBDA 0.1% CBG 0.1% CBGA 0.3% CBN 0.0% CBC …


  1. Driving home from dispensary now listening and guess what's in my bag lol. Like seriously what are the odds of this. Not to mention I literally got the last 1/8 of this strain. Super stoked to try it out. Have you tried Flavica recently? It's amazing. Also got a couple Aniva T29 for only $31 each. 29% THC for $30 is crazy. Enjoy buddy.

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