The Return of the Black Death: VICE Reports (Full Length)

The black plague has broke out in Madagascar. In late 2013, a deadly outbreak of the plague hit small villages around the country killing dozens of people.


  1. When the name of the guy appeared on screen (benjamin shapiro) I thought "oh Ben shapiro works at vice?" And then another guy started talking , i was confused,then I remembered many people habe same names xd

  2. I'm guessing since this area was colonized by the French, (as well as a lot of the African countries mentioned that suffer the plague) that like smallpox this disease was also given to the Natives by the European settlers and their rat-infested cargo ships.

  3. 15:00 I know this is a documentary and journalist channel but WHAT?! How tf is this not age restricted or taken down for showing footage like this and how can people even witness this around the world?!

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