Mendodope #Greendope #liveinthegarden Check out the first 1 our episode of the “Green Dope” project. Things are looking beautiful but there’s still scares of …


  1. Thanks again Guys for sharing so much information. Completely changed the way I think and look at growing.
    Your Australian Fan MADMAN.
    I've never seen such big healthy plants .
    🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Mind Blowing Information people. Share this video to all your Friends. Plant this planet Earth with weed. Build your home with weed. Get them big Weed trunks. Thanks again for showing us all your hard work. Mental.

  2. im thinking of growing my plants outdoors in living soil with no organic compost this year. just sun and water. any thoughts on pros and cons of not feeding?

  3. yoo i love all the work you guys do but god damn boys… you need to firgure our your audio… i cant hear what the hell your hommie is saying,,, helll i dont even know his name…

    fix you shit boys… your supposed to be music artists and you cant even get your audio on point…. come on guys i seriously expect more from you

  4. Thc, water, arsenic are all chemicals. It doesn't make sense to say "no chemicals in my trees" when actually you mean no artificial toxins in my trees, so please stop saying stuff like that because chemicals can be good for you bad for you or neutral.

  5. Mendo dope does a plant have its own defence against dust? I was wondering because the taste of my indoor is a little off and I’m wondering if it’s because my room isn’t air tight and there is quite a bit of dust. It is in my basement but I’m just curious. Thanks a milli

  6. You know im a weed nerd i carry a loop fot trichome diamonds lol n its funny i went to look at jewlery for vday for my gf n i didnt even think bout ny loop but i get a bud in my hand n i pull it out its got keif stuck to it lol

  7. This could've been one of the best cannabis series if it wasn't for the bad audio. How to grow mendo dope series is still the best. Backyard boyz. Still got mad love and watched the whole episode. One Love!

  8. Love your videos team its just a little hard to hear what you are saying… and if i turn it right up then when you guys or somthing talk it blares out and wakes up my neighbours😅 we can hardly hear the guy with long hair he needs to speak up a lil. When theirs a slight wind like in last videos you cant hear him at all…

  9. Dam…..impressive work boys….one year to turn that grease back into what it was….fast dry has been the standard for years …for us outdoor folks…..water activity levels…got to stop the chance of mould….keep it below .8…..would love to test them beans up here in Canada
    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

  10. Hey lads…thanks for taking the time & effort to make these vids. Only discovered Mendo Dope channel recently and its fast becoming one of my favorite cannabis entertainment shows. Here in Ireland we are still sneaking around like criminals trying to produce our own medicine and its almost exclusively indoor, covert grows so its soul-boosting to see this amazing plant in its natural environment under Nature's lamp. Quick question: that fence you have around the perimeter of your garden…seems a little flimsy…is it electrified or something to stop thieves?

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