1. I take 0.25 grams during a bad migraine.. It goes away and i feel like i took 2 grams. Some weird interaction with these headaches. I don't have a problem tripping but my body gets completely exhausted. When it isn't totally successful it still breaks the migraine up.

  2. January 2019 Dr Angela Stanton dedicated her life and has migraines herself .She got her doctorate as she battled them daily. She has researched all migraine/ headache issues and has dedicated her life she has helped thousands of people . He book “Fighting the Migraine Epidemic” without medications is the 1st step to healing, then when your added to the FB group your guided through the protocol she recommends … I’ve read several testimonies and I am currently following her recommendations. I just bought the book , that’s it. Give it a try folks you have nothing to lose … good luck Mrs P

  3. The CORRECT dosage is one fifth of what would be considered a regular trip. So Dan take one pill of dried mushrooms – not five. Then after two weeks take another one. That should keep the cycle away for six months.

  4. Verapamil is helping me right now but the side affects suck. I've read good things about shrooms helping not only the cluster headaches but the anxiety and depression that go with it.

  5. His wife fears the mushroom? Why, she's clearly never tried it, how about be a supportive partner and take a dose with him, might iron out that square of yours.

  6. Makes one wonder why this one mushroom (or family of mushrooms), the only thing that seems to work in the world, is illegal.
    Marijuana treats other diseases like Parkinson's..? – I'm no conspiracist… but I think I am.

  7. I've heard researchers were experimenting with mushrooms in the U.K. somehow removing the halosenagetic properties I hope a they are successful I've been suffering with CH for six years now and I hate the summer to fall season change because I average 2 attacks a day. I'm afraid to fall asleep because I know I will be awakened with a stabbing pain in my eye. There has got to be a reason and a treatment or cure for this terrible condition. In the beginning I would pace the floor for what seemed like hours while hitting myself in the head with anything I could get my hands on upsetting my family because they feel so helpless. Only us and those close to us have any idea how much we suffer in such a short period of time over and over again. I'm at the point where I'm willing to try anything to make the pain stop. They don't call them suicide headaches for nothing.

  8. 1st off shrooms don’t hardly taste like anything.. They taste like fucking chips.. lmao and yea the trips get intense if your eating a whole 8th! Does this guy even weigh his shit out ?? His family isn’t tripsitting him very well, take him outside and play some music for the guy, geeez… 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. I hope "Dan" sees this post. Dan, I suffered from devastating Cluster Headaches from the time I was 14 until I was 37. I am now 63. Being a young girl when I first got these, I did not fit the typical profile at all. Many doctors did not believe a young girl could even get these. As a result, It took over 4 years for doctors to even consider that what I had might be Clusters. As you know firsthand, Dan, this condition completely upends your life, quickly turning it into a living nightmare in which you are caught. Eventually, suicide becomes a serious and reasonable possibility to reflect on and consider. I thank God for the incredible family I had…without their love, support and daily help I would certainly have died; one way or another. The magnitude of the pain simply leaves one shattered-it is so thoroughly mind-bending. Until these-I had no idea pain could be so all-encompassing and soul destroying. I had to go to the emergency room, every night at about 3:AM, to be injected with 200mg of Demarol with 25 mg Phenergan, for 2-3 months at a time. No way to live. Doing a ton of research (in a pre-computer era), I finally discovered the life saving attributes of Oxygen. !00% pure, inhaled at a rate of 7 litres per minute, (for a 130 lb girl), using a rebreather bag, for up to 15 minutes at a time. Luckily for me, it worked like a magic wand. It allowed me to reclaim my life. I never got rid of them (until turning 37), but as long as I kept an oxygen tank with me at all times, I had a way to manage. They were always traumatic, yet I coped. While in my mid 20's, my Father developed them too. He was in his early 60's then. Fortunately, the Oxygen worked well for him too. Years later I read about Psilocybin mushrooms being a "cure" for many people. While it sounded very scary to me, I was so glad for other sufferers…that there was another possible road to salvation. Had my headaches remained, I surely would have broken the law and tried them, despite my fears. I have since-at an older and wiser age-turned to Cannabis for help with some other health ailments. Before trying it, I was very fearful. So I did a lot of research. I came to conclude that Cannabis, Psilocybin and some of the other Entheogens were plants that could provide some life-saving grace to humans in need of real help. Both medically and spiritually. I say this, because you clearly are distressed by having to ingest the mushrooms and go through the experience they bring. I can't help but wonder if this might be made much easier for you if you had a compassionate, knowledgeable guide to encourage, reassure and support you along. I do not know the details of such things, but feel sure you might find such guidance; perhaps from doctors at a major medical center, doing studies on these substances. Or perhaps from web sites for Cluster sufferers who have gone through similar experiences. I hope you will look into it. It pains me to see you wrestle so with the "medicine" that is meant to help you. It strikes me you may be having religious or cultural-upbringing reservations about the mushrooms and are grappling with some guilt over it. I wish for you, the ability to cultivate a more relaxed mental attitude towards the experience. One that strives to surrender to the wisdom of Nature and what God has provided you with. You might well find yourself having a much more positive, life-affirming…even spiritual experience with an altered approach to it all. Good luck, Dan. I wish you and your Family, nothing but blessings. Sorry to have gone on so long.

  10. if you are having cluster headaches there is a treatment you can buy online called HBWR seeds they contain ergot alkaloids that relieve cluster headaches by vasoconstriction

    Step 1: Acquire HBWR seeds
    Step 2: Grind up 1-2 seeds up finely
    Step 3: Place under tongue for 10-20 mins
    Step 4: Spit out seeds
    Step 5: Relief

    Warning: These seeds are psychedelic in higher doses

  11. OK first of all this is horrible because they use the most horrible person to use as an example of this because they made it seem absolutely horrible this was such a negative and horrible white people trip you white people are off

  12. Lasts for 3 hours? Ha! Mine start from the moment I wake up until I managed to fall asleep at about seven or 8 PM from sheer exhaustion. And oxygen doesn’t help if I take oxygen then I’ll get several attacks during the day that will last hours upon hours. I wish mine would last three hours

  13. I have cluster headaches. I was actually disappointed I was a mom during the last one because that was the only thing keeping me from getting a gun.
    Could you maybe take some xanax before you take shrooms and basically sleep through the trip? I would try this but I don't like shrooms. I've done them twice in my life they just aren't for me. I'd rather take shrooms than have another perpetual eyeball explosion
    … But every two months? Does anyone know if this xanax theory would work??

  14. My view isn't that of the western world, if these mushrooms help your pain or stop it, and if there's no deadly side affects, then have at it! Shroom it up baby! The creator wouldn't have put us on a planet with cures to our ailments, if it did not want us to use them. But this European capitalist style of government tries to control everything, literally everything. We aren't zoo animals, the government doesn't or shouldn't have any say on how we choose to live, as long as we aren't hurting anyone.

  15. Dan, listen to me buddy. You need to get some good music going on. Maybe smoke a little herb. Bang your wife. Have a good time. Enjoy yourself. You sell what is literally the most dangerous drug in the world at your liquor store, so this is not the time to act like a sanctimonious Texan, buddy. Quit fighting the mushrooms. They are your ally.

  16. The comments referring to this gentleman not enjoying his psychedelic experience.. he is not shrooming for fun… he is shrooming to stop the unbelievably brutal headaches… Imagine having a terrible migraine and trying to enjoy tripping…. u might be able to have a good trip..but u know u would have a good trip with no headaches…

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