1. It's funny all women who fell for these things, are usually in one way or another traumatized, leave an alternative lifestyle l, believe in spirits bullshit.
    They don't wantor have to believe, they need to believe.

    They all need psychological help.

  2. No paper whatsoever was published in a scientific journal, even though they claim the discovery is extraordinary. This implies that it is plain BULLSHIT. By the way, Jeffrey Fannin has no neuroscience diploma, and has never ever published any scientific paper. He can't be called a neuroscientist. Even that is bullshit.

  3. The phase and brain coherence is NOT what allows the higher consciousness. The phase and coherence are the RESULT of Higher Consciousness manifesting in the physical vessel, which shows up as greater phase and coherence.

  4. I've been attempting to correlate the bars points with Meridians, which comes from one of the oldest forms of healing know to man from Chinese medicine. However struggling to find correlations… the Triple warmer meridian starts at the Form and Structure point, so maybe there is something there to look into here, however the Joy and Sadness point are around the gall bladder meridian which correlates to the emotion of anger. The healing bars point is correlating to a crossing line of Kidney Meridian and Triple Warmer and I would love to understand why exactly that point is labelled as Healing in Bars. Can Access team up with Chinese doctors and determine the similarities or differences?

  5. Here we are in 2017 and we still have shysters and con men selling snake oil and tonics! Where are the clinical trials and studies? Where are the research papers? Where are the blind trials? Where's the peer review? I find it hard to believe that Dr. Fannin, a self-proclaimed long time neuroscientist, found the most amazing thing in his lifetime and has applied zero scientific method to it……..more pseudoscience nonsense! Go read about Gary Douglas, the founder of this con and how he channeled Rasputin!!

  6. This is my first knowledge of Access Consciousness and I am interested in knowing all I can about this. I have read the comments at the bottom to get an idea of others who have experienced it and I appreciate their in-put. What really makes me sad is the people who have said negative things about it not knowing anything about it. Obviously these people are afraid of making a change and are not aware of their fear. We need to be kind to each other. I look forward to investigating this thoroughly and including it in my life.

  7. I don't think this "scientist" sounds very scientific.  I was much more open to the possibilities of what Access bars can do BEFORE I watched this video and I think it all has to do with how the presenter articulates his explanation.  I wish I could find someone in my area to find out what they charge so I can try this for myself and then decide.

  8. I'm open minded to the idea that Access Consciousness works, but this video feels really scammy. I went to that guys website because I found it really strange that around 1.5 years ago he discovered brain scans of a person going through the Bars treatment that he'd never seen before in his life (cue dramatic music) and yet he hasn't written a scientific paper about it. Therefore he probably didn't even do a proper study.

    So I went to the research section of his website, guess what, no research. Just external links and of course Access Consciousness is one of them. Not a link to the research just to the company. Oh, he also mentions that everything is done through Global Neuroscience Research foundation. Sounds impressive right? Nope, the only pages that come up in Google are his page and two Access Consciousness pages.

    I'd love to see an actual, real scientific study done. Properly regulated and manged.

  9. formidables explications d'un neuroscientifique – ou chercheur en neurosciences qui nous expose les liens entre méditation, Reiki, et les Bars d'Accès Consciousness. Seul bémol, à mon avis qui suis praticienne de ces trois techniques, c'est que pour que les Bars d'acces fonctionnent de manière optimale,  tous les chakras doivent être alignés au préalable. Les Bars ne remplacent pas une bonne séance de Reiki, que je préconise, si nécessaire  avant de faire des Bars. La méditation servira à entretenir et prolonger le bénéfice de l'ensemble du travail effectué. Ces techniques ne se substituent pas les unes aux autres mais elles sont complémentaires. Sans oublier que si l'ensemble fonctionne, c'est tout de même grâce à l'énergie divine, ou la divine matrice de Gregg Braden.

  10. I’m in total gratitude for Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. Access Consciousness the Bars has changed so many aspects of my life and the journey continues. This work has created so many possibilities and changes for me and others. When the scientific community gets excited, you know that there is something phenomenal here!! After trying almost every modality out there, the Bars has created the fastest, permanent, easiest results for me, and I see it for so many others as well. I choose to get my Bars run every week!! The space that it creates is more ease, more clarity, more energy. more creativity, more space for possibilities than I ever imagined, and oh yeah….it opens up more happy in your world. Who doesn’t desire that? 🙂

  11. One week after this video was published I had an appointment to have my Bars run. It was the best decision I ever made. My life had changed dramatically because of it as well as the lives of my family. Access Consciousness is a MUST have tool for parents and individuals alike. I cant say enough good things about Access Consciousness. Thank you Dr. Fannin and Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain. You are a blessing to this world.

  12. So looking forward to more on this. I know the Bars have changed a lot of things for me, of which I'd like to share with the world. How does it get any better than this?

  13. שווה צפייה!! נוירולוג שבדק את השפעות סשן אקסס בארס על המוח ונפעם מהתוצאות! יותר עמוק מכל מדיטציה שהכיר עד כה וחקר. זנ לא חדש עבורי,תלמידים ולקוחות במפגשים אישיים בקליניקה מדווחים על רגיעה עמוקה ביותר, גם לאלו שמדיטציה מאז ומעולם היתה קשה עבורם לביצוע. זה לא משנה אם שוכבים בעיניים פקוחות או עצומות, מתמסרים בשקט או מדברים תוך כדי – בסופו של דבר התוצאות מפתיעות ומדהימות והרגיעה עמוקה מאוד.  אני מקבלת דיווחים רבים על שינויים גדולים בחיים ובמצבי בריאות שהטרידו, הרבה יותר שקט, בהירות ואפשרויות בחירה שנפתחות שמגיעות בצורה של הזדמנויות חדשות ודלתות חדשות שנפתחות מאליהן וללקוח נשאר רק לבחור אם להכנס דרכן או לא. אחרי 15 שנות ליווי לקוחות האקסס בארס ויתר התהליכים האנרגטיים של אקסס הפכו לכלי העיקרי, יותר מכל כלי אחר בו השתמשתי עד כה!

  14. Access The BARS haben eine Wende in meinem Leben in 2012 ermöglicht. Seit dieser Zeit sind unglaublich viele Menschen auch in Deutschland, Österreich und in der Schweiz von der Modalität Access Consciousness, einer pragmatischen Bewusstseins-Methode begeistert. Ich persönlich bin für Access The BARS und alles weitere von Access Consciousness sehr dankbar. Mehr auf Deutsch: 
    http://ger.accessconsciousness.eu/  (Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz) 
     #AccessConsciousness   #AccessBars   #Barskurse   #Bewusstsein

  15. they talk later about how bars can help with PTSD – I have to say from my own experience, it is the only thing that shifted me on from the hyper vigilance, and many physiological effects of PTSD – so grateful I'm now a facilitator 🙂

  16. Three years ago a friend gifted the Access Bars on my birthday.  It was the best gift I have ever received.  My body was so relaxed and I felt so refreshed afterwards.  I knew from that minute i was desiring to learn it and share it with others.  I have run the Bars on kids before exams, adults who are stressed or can't sleep, doctors, nurses, executives, veterans, etc. and they have all benefited.  There is so much more ease and joy in my life.  I am so grateful for Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer and Dr. Fannin is now able to show up scientifically what we have been experiencing.

  17. All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory! With huge gratitude to Gary Douglas. Dr. Dain Heer and all the Access Facilitators around the world. Access Bars sessions in Northern New Mexico here: AccessDelight.com

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