1. BOTH Bayer and Monsanto are evil companies. Rolling them into one company just means that the unpayable reparations they need to dish out will disappear together upon bankruptcy. Read the first paragraph on the history of Bayer in the Wikipedia article "IG Farben":

    "Interessen‐Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AG ("Dye industry syndicate, Inc."), commonly known as IG Farben, was a German chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate. Formed in 1925 from a merger of six chemical companies—BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, and Chemische Fabrik vorm. Weiler Ter Meer—it was seized by the Allies after World War II and divided back into its constituent companies."

    So Bayer was part of the notorious IG Farben.
    One of the details they provide is the number of employees:
    "Number of employees
    330,000 in 1943, including slave labour"

    That's right! SLAVE LABOUR.

  2. SHOULD-MONSANTO-PAY-FOR-THE-WORLDS-HEALTHCARE ? When the Roundup runs off into your Wells, springs, rivers, ponds, oceans? How long will this poison damage our environment? What percentage of the population has consumed this poison? *Who Paid Who Off To Approve Poisoning the Population?? Should All Profit and Assets of MONSANTO be confiscated and directed towards healthcare?
    Completely restructure Wealthcare ? Aren't we gonna talk about healthcare reform??
    How many of your friends or family are on daily medications?? Have the instances of diabetes, ADHD, cancer, obesity, infertility, etc. increased ??
    When did we ever think that combining two publicly funded opposed administrations?? Who would pay for foods sprayed with or modified to kill pest and other organic matter? Oh pick me please!!!! Now herbicide's are absorbed the rest just washed off into your wells, rivers, streams, oceans and reservoirs. Don't all the fish and animals drink this poison?? Do they have a choice??? Ahhhh !!! Humans do we can drink bottled water!!! Why?? Well they poison the water so they can charge us again with bottled water!!! Wait so they charge you for eating and drinking poison?? Yup! Oh just you wait an see nope they sprayed the sky's again!!! What?? With what?? So these Corporation's have been allowed or licenced by who's Government?? They create massive harms to the air, water and Earth. Then charge us for the cleanup!! My child here is your lunch a mc murder burger and a jumbo high fructose corn syrup drink🤔. Cost the same as a bottle of water and an apple!!?! Back on track!! Healthcare!!! I have a primary doctor?? What?? This primary charges then refers you to another charge again and again. You know how much you pay??? A Lot!!! You do not see it because health insurance pays!!! I have been to one doctor one time in 8 years!! My health is very good. Now I pay the same as the murder burger, fructose water that smokes 7 packs of cigarettes each day??? I have not took a drug including aspirin since ? Recreationally​ yeah I have depending on your definition of drug! Billions of dollars are waisted on the maintenance of illness!! We never hear of the Natural Remedies and yes Cures of the past. Researched and used for hundreds if not thousands of years.. Why?? No profit in selling you apples, carrots, basil, garlic or cinnamon my friends!!? Here eat these pills every day for the rest of your life!!! PROFIT!! Advertising more soda, burgers, chips, processed foods poisoning society so we can sell them life maintenance medication!!

  3. Monsanto is too big a player in the global plan to go down. They'll probably just create a tax fund, like they did for big pharma with vaccines, to pay for these awards.

  4. I.G. Faben #2.. Last time Bayer merged so large they had death camps! And all opposition of the buy out was suppressed from the web! If we don't have a free open forum to resist how are we a free society?

  5. This was in San Francisco. They believe in global warming. I looked at the data there is no increase in these cancer since 1960. If these weed killers are abolished then the food will go up by 3x .

  6. What boggles my mind is that bayer bought monsanto for 66 billion. Did they not look at all the pending cases coming up? What kind of brain dead idiots are they?. Amazing stupidity.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised that it's really pesticides that are the problem being ignorned and side tracked with this 'Round up' situation. GMO tomatos means they are able to absorb and retain pesticide better than non-GMO produce. Everyone want's evidence from someone else but themselves as if the burden of proof is on other people and yet you lack proving the real cause and effect yourself. If this system of things has been rigged for a long time then how do you suppose you're getting your way now? I bet we're going to suddenly have a zillion weeds growing everywhere and most people don't even know that many weeds are banned and yet they grow them blowing seeds all over the place while some neighbors are struggling to get the weeds out. Morons are intentionally growing Nutgrass and Chickweed. Oh dear, Monsanto invented Mustard Gas, he must be trying to kill us with Bayer Asprin.

  8. Bayer the company that brought chemical weapons to ww1…..used death camp labor in ww2…spread aids in Africa on purpose meets Monsanto…the company brought agent Orange to Vietnam… Has virtually untested GMO foods and a known carcinogenic chemical that's found in everything. Now they control 30 % of the world food supply….what could go wrong?

  9. These companies are mass murderers. And they know it. Now we all know it. It's about time. They could never pay back the millions of people, pets, and nature the billions they owe in damages. It is about time these monsters stop being praised as gods. They are devils.

  10. Does anyone truly believe that justice exists? Monsanto will still be selling their poisons and the swamp will still need draining in 30/40 years. Words and promises are soon forgotten.

  11. I don't want defend Bayer, they can go to hell for what they alone did to the people, but can someone tell me why lawsuits seem to come through successfully since Monsanto was bought by Bayer but not before?

  12. I can only wonder what type of people must be working for such a diabolic corpsoration (lat. "corps" = dead body). The lawyers defending this criminal corpsoration must be hired directly from hell. No normal being can defend such an evil company.

  13. Bill Gates…GmO's AND the MMR vaccine are safe. Any story that paints GMO's as more nutritious or better in any way is horse sh**. GMOS are grafted with bateria that makes the organism resistant to the chemicals used to kill other plants, fungi, insects.

  14. An end to these companies and their disgusting tactics will be the best thing to happen to save the planet: they are the ones that do the most to poison everything for more money.

  15. My uncle was a big wig at Monsanto, since retired. My cousin still works for the company, but may be laid off since it was sold to Bayer. I have to say there are many farmers that benefit from their seeds though.

  16. I hate to burst your bubble, but Monsanto has been sued before and lost, they pay a few million, nothing comes of it and it's because they are owned by the ones who control our country and are bring about the NWO.

  17. No they are here until we the people run their evil asses out of town. Hungarian farmers used pitchforks and ran them out of the country but that will never happen here and this is why. The Clintons, Obamas, and Bill Gates all own stock in this company and Trump is in with them too.

  18. All nations all families from every continent should demand reparations for wars, destruction of property, family, health, food, soil, for deforestation etc etc.

  19. One problem with your suggestion of corn injected with HIV virus in which HIV is not a virus. HIV is an auto immune deficiency cause by oxidative stress resulting from continuous cortisol release, triggering oxidative cellular damage and inflammation that triggers an inflammatory immune response. It is the biological nature of GMO that is responsible for this condition to result.
    HIV is a condition that can be reversed without the aid of big pharma's intrusion. Good to hear about Monsanto/Bayer taking it in the shorts……….. although i doubt we are going to hear or see the last of them anytime soon. Still anticipating the domino effect to kick in however.

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