1. Dam, the plastic green color of those indoor girls,looks like those fake office plants.That you would see at the third story building level,along with the fake turf grass and the golf tee.

  2. Love the garden..just curious but why and how did you come to the decision to grow out soo many of the pot of gold plants? Btw I liked your new ending credits dancing logo.

  3. There's a 12 year old girl that was brought to CO from TX so she could get the medicine to stop her seizures. She's suing the AG Sessions to keep it available.
    Our taxes in CO go for schools, rehabs now, why doesn't big pharma have to be mandated to build the rehabs for the addicts they created?

  4. I am curious about seeing your Flower room lighting, JJ. I can help you with optimizing your PPFD spread. Most people just think you can put a LED in and magic happens but they forget that you need to calculate PPFD not rely on PAR values only. Basically just tips to help.

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