Medical Marijuana Garden Tour 12/20/2017 Cannabis, Marijuana and Weed

Medical Marijuana Garden Tour 12/20/2017 Cannabis, Marijuana and Weed The Emerald Cup Check out our shop on Amazon for items we use and …


  1. Damn JJ ..your plants look very health for sure. You mentioned the northern monkey and the superglue in the same sentence and it got me thinking about the possibilities of a northernmonkey superglue cross???? What you think???possible??

  2. Hey JJ! You will want your lights closer during bloom! Can you modulate power on your devices?
    This chaplain you talked to looks so cool…i am not a true believer but if believe in the bible (wrote by some random guys centuries ago) god made everything on earth…and cannabis is one of his creation…so church should be ok with it!
    Have a lifted one

  3. Another awesome room going there JJ, I am going on my second run. I am debating whether I am going to do the Girl Scout Cookie beans or the white widow. What would you suggest, I am thinking white widow because i haven't heard of to many of your subs have run them yet. As always, i am loving the show. Peace

  4. SO, UM what do you do when your power company sends you a letter saying your using more power then your neighbors…and it's only a difference of 10 to 20 bucks each month. not saying this is growing related, this could be someone setting up a 200 gallon salt water fish tank, which would really increase your bill by about 50 to 100 a month just for the tank…

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