Jimmy Carter lays down truth about racist drug war and weed.

Old man, Jimmy Carter lets his old man knowledge drop. He eviscerates the failed drug war. Calls for the federal government to allow Washington and Colorado …


  1. Jimmy Carter for Shame,
    you know you need to clean your still if your moonshine got you moody like that. "Wacky" Tobacco, Liquor, & Beer are unnecessary evils that don't protect you like clean moonshine against sickness, they rob you of your health and depress moral inhibitions, and are the slippery slope "of" far worse evils, narcotics, pornography, prostitution, & Suicide. The reality is that they offer far to much power over individuals by rackets creating a slave labor capitalization of the human soul. Demonic Vice that replaces Love & Reciprocity is the short circuit of will power to control goal oriented constructive behavior and lowers expectations of self respect and disrupts stable egos for a roller coaster ride of Papal Indulgences & Sin, where women are objectified. That's not Our Country's Puritanical Creationist Desire for Spiritual Community; it's the weakness of an inhumane shadow of history that falls short of what "we" are truely capable of doing together for the common good. I hope you can see the point of using your Secret Service to Protect you from your own Dem. Party and seek out an audience with the current administration to bring back the "Just Say No & D.A.R.E." culture of the eighties before Bill Clinton brought about the Obamanation of Moral Values.

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