1. I don't get sick neaaaaaarly as much as when I smoked too!!! No cigs for 5 years plus! Thanks for all you have done/do bro. 1 question though…what the f*ck happened to that Pocono vapes black cherry berry v2 you got me hooked on? Can't find it anymore. Can you recommend somethin close?

  2. Awesome video man 🙂 love watching all your videos and learning new stuff on Vaping! My Halo Shorty reactor just broke so will be buying a new vape most likely the Vaporesso Swag 80TC Kit!

  3. This is probably a SMART QUESTION…….😜 On a SMOK Nord….when the internal battery finally dies, do I have to buy a whole new system? Thx I wish you'd do more FAQ videos…..hint hint!!

  4. Found you in March 2015..i know because you were the first Vapesta I found on Youtube..was looking for herbal vape reviews at the time and wasnt even sure if such videos existed.But there you were with a g-pen being silly making me laugh.Which led to me watching your vape vids..finding Tia,and Danielle..and the rest of the vape/original weedtube family.So..THANK YOU..I'll be 3 years cig free on April 19 of this year just cause I found YOU 😉

  5. Love this fuggin channel 1 year 3 months no icky stixs never thought watching videos would help keep me motivated but it has and im super greatful ✌💖🌈 have a great vaping day everyone

  6. Yo Chris!! I've been missing out on videos and giveaways bcz for some reason I don't get a notification that you have posted up a new video until five hours after it'd happened

  7. 🤦‍♀️I just caught on … "Raya sunshine"! F**ckin duh! 😂 I always wondered why her channel was called Sunshine Stoner! Geez lol
    My family were always country and bluegrass fans and would get together and sing and play instruments.. 🎸, harmonica, accordion, 🎻,banjo, and my dad's favourite the mandolin. My sister's first name is Amanda and her middle name is Lynn. I've always thought that that was pretty dope!

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