1. Hey kali…i have a couple questions bro..
    My seedlings have been under 24/0 of light for a week since breaking through soil when should they be put on timer ?
    Other plants are about a month old have been running 13/11 thinking i want to adjust that to 15 /9… should adjusting happen all at once of half hour increments ?
    Thanks for any advice.

  2. Thanks for all the great info dude, Coming into winter here in Aus, But getting ready/informed for my first grow in summer 2019{November for us}. I was wondering, since you look after your plants so well/organic do you do the same for your food??

  3. MAAAAAAAN. Dry that shit in the sun & pack it into a brick. PSH! JK. LUV IT BROSIF! Works great. I still using my closet though. SUX FARTS LIKE BONG HITS having to empty it every year. Works for me though. WHOOP WHOOP!!! GROW ON, BE HEALTHY & LIVE FREE, STAY IRIE!

  4. Gotta have them air holes….lol…..Good stuff brother,  I've been doing the box dry for my last 2 harvest, noticed it slows down the drying rate by a couple days versus reg hang dry

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