1. I work for a hotel software company (I support the software used to run the hotel). It's amazing what staff and guests will try to do to work the system.

  2. When I was 10 my family stayed in a best western for 2 days because the downstairs of our house got slightly flooded and we couldn’t stay while they fixed the pipes or something idk… anyway I found a condom wrapper literally beside the bed, not even under it. Within the first 25 min of being in the room. We changed rooms but idk if my parents got a discount

  3. We had Denis Rodman stay at the hotel with 3 girls. Obviously when he checked out I wanted to see the room, we found Bibles and it look like notes from a Bible study along with a big clip that had the words "God keep me safe" I thought we would find a broken bed a crazy mess but what a surprise.

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