Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

A peek at the early days of the Quantum AI Lab: a partnership between NASA, Google, USRA, and a 512-qubit D-Wave Two quantum computer. Learn more at …


  1. Can we connect in series all softwares… microprocessors… or qubits that function and represent creative…communicative… problem solving abilities… and perception …  To operate, function as one, single Artificial Brain… as one system ? … And after creating the first artificial brain… again,  can  we connected in series… thousands or billions of these artificial brains, prototypes … to operate as one  big Super  or Quantum Brain… Or Quantum Computers connected in series and operating as one ?

  2. Meanwhile optimization problems solved by quantum computing will be used by militarizes around the world to compute predictions for the behavior of insurgencies, using this data to construct priority targets and targets of opportunity and then stream that data in real time to drones that are constantly floating above regions of interest, ready to strike at any given moment like the flying carriers of doom from Captain America The winter soldier except real and infinitely more terrifying, unseen and unceremonious.

  3. To all you geniuses at google and nasa the answer to the question that you don’t even know what the question is IS hidden in the message of the cross. Know God and you shall know everything. Wisdom is the principle thing.

  4. Hey! Take out the part 05:35 that mentions MONKEY heritage–please…
    Google search >david berlinski evolution<
    With different questions involving cross species mating viability when I learned about the Mule and Liger genetics, and the questions of "How can an ape with differing numbers of gene pairs become human genes–how is the transition made EXACTLY if cross species mating is virtually impossible?"

    I saw immediately that Darwin's theory is full of huge holes.

    Not to mention also that all of the early books on examples of Darwin's theory showed supposed evolved animals that were genetically unrelated in the slightest–faked evidence used for propaganda to promote godless communism of Karl Marx to cause our society to have a huge lack of moral absolute guidance that has otherwise served our species for a very long time in order to survive extinction level events such as ICE-ages that happen from time to time that largely wiped out the advanced past civilization known as Atlantis whose knowledge and wisdom helped create megalithic structures (Pyramids and temples) and cities world wide, and whose remaining knowledge is a distant memory to be rediscovered–probably to be wiped out by some parasitic compounded interest subjected debt-based economic enslavement that shall halt our progress by means of fomenting a huge war using unbelievable extinction level weaponry.

    This is because foolish people do not do any fact checking about the crimes of communism / socialism that its leadership twisted Darwin's theory so that these immoral leaders of communism / socialism could murder their political opponents then call the results of the murders survival of the fittest a la Darwin that resulted in many tens of millions of innocent citizens being murdered per each communist / socialist country, and then their goon squad murderers were in turn themselves murdered. Future goon squad killers had better do their history homework! Then potential goons should avoid violence and instead use free speech to actual learn the facts that they were avoiding by not doing their history homework.

    A critique of this immoral mentality is presented several times by Prof. Jordan B. Peterson, and is one of the key reasons why he is very opposed to letting any part of Marxism and free speech suppression be promoted / used in Western capitalistic society as was the intended design by the 1920s Frankfurt school's cultural Marxism / political correctness, critical theory, and the long march through the institutions to spread it through the school systems to those who had or have no intellectual defense against it especially when no counter examples are allowed to be presented.

  5. In the search for higher intelligence, we hear those who are going to be asking the questions say humankind is the product of monkeys "monkey brains and monkey fingers" and not something so much more…That is, in my opinion, an unnecessary constraint and closed minded.

  6. where is the computer that is smart enough to be able to fill in the gaps? fill in the holes? the computer that can look at somthing and not make a decision but to follow the natural flow?

  7. NASA has taken over Ai.the devil has landed on are heads.good job paying attention to are kids future for a free safe loving world .NASA the devil D – Wave = you me we.sun god.we 1? Lost devilwin MCSFTl D-WAVE gone Hollywood.your coffee was taken while you where hitting the political snooze's the devils coffee now!

  8. …I AM ‘“QUANTUM’”, but ONLY 4-THOSE WHOM, entertain MY BROTHER- CURIOSITY, which COINCIDENTALLY ALWAZE TRAVELS w/MY SISTER TRUE’BLEW’2’U’TOO and her GENETIC-LEE ALTAR’D cuzzzin, THE’REAPER, which simultaneous’LEE houses within his DIAMOND’CRANIUM, THE DIVINE ALTERED-EGO’Z of what haz now been 4-gotten, but haz QUANTUMLY been stored and ALWAZE mistaking-LEE regretted, that QUANTUM was the only place that INEVITABILITY would not be allowed to be KNOWN-TO-HOMAN’oidzz…preparedness, could not even begin to HELP, in what is now READY and PRIMED to B3-DELIVERED— instantaneous gratification is there and ALWAZE included in, “THE FINE PRINT”… I am the HELL THAT ur lot has been BEGGING to “REAR’ITS’elf… 👽👻🤑🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮☠️💀💩🤐😵😪😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴🤫

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