Easiest Kratky Method for Hydroponic Growing

Easiest Kratky Method for Hydroponic Growing. If you love growing in a non circulating, hydroponic system like the one Dr Kratky started, then you will love this.


  1. I liked the vid, but this wasn't easy . More like: the cheapest, simplest way for those who are *handy *. Easy isn't using a power tool that you need strength to make sure you don't get hurt. Most people also don't have the drill attachment for holes that are that big.

  2. Are you staring your seedlings in dirt first so you have a bit of root to reach down to the nutrient??? When I start my seeds in a cube sometimes the roots never grow out of the cube – thus killing the plant if I don't keep the cube wet.

  3. Does this type of translucent white bottles not allow the entrance of light and consequent proliferation of algae? In my case I have used white pots of chlorine tablets that I spent in my pool, and had to line them with aluminum foil, because after a week green micro-algae appeared in the solution and in the roots of the plant. https://ibb.co/bZ01aq

  4. Your videos are awesome! I'm really ready to go and start my own little kitchen garden. Thank you for making this so simple that I now have no excuses for not trying! Small gardening is the future. I'm excited!!!!!! Peace bro

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