Dragonfruit Flowering and Camote (Sweet Potato) Harvest

Join Net and I as we share our journey through the daily challenges and blessings of living a simple life on our farm in the Philippines. We greatly appreciate all …


  1. I love dragonfruit 😋 I also love prickly pears 😋😋 which are flowering here now but they rarely grow big fruits as I have seen in hotter and drier summer climates. Camote… sweet potato is gaining ground in the Italian markets! they're easier to buy locally now 😊 kangkong is still rare 😂

  2. Joseph I requested for a narra tree for my subscriber tree. Is it too late to change it to a Dragon Fruit tree? I have seen them in my brother's farm and also now in this video and I so like it. Thank you

  3. @Joe…Did you plant the sweet potatoes in plot beds or not? How many months do you wait before you harvest sweet potatoes?Those tubers are big already. What's the color of the flesh?

  4. Wow fresh camote Net/Jo!!…I just made camote jam recently…the peeps loved it😊… the camote tops is good for salad too, rich in vitamins and good source of protein.

  5. Joe, I have a dragon fruit planted several months now and had multiple half foot sprout already. How long would it take to flower ? What's the best location to plant. . . sunny or Shaded places?

  6. I'm a big fan of sweet potato no matter how its fixed. Long ago have a friend that made a sweet potato pie that tasted like pumpkin. I'm curious to try the drangon fruit obviously everyone raves about it's taste. Is it correct precedure to harvest the lil tators at night so the other plants don't know whats coming?😏

  7. You need to get some 5 gallon pales. I used to clean the ones we used on the drilling rig and take them home to the farm. I am guessing you would have to go to a construction company to get some there.

  8. Wow camote..lami na himoon BUDBOD …NET AND JO…and the dragon fruit…I love its crunchiness…and the small like poppy black seeds that compliment the dark pink color of the inside of it….

  9. Good evening Joe and Net2…wow Dragon fruit 😵😋 what colour is that purple, white or yello? At kamote din yumm matakaw ako nyan😅😅 ako nakaubos ng kamote sa amin😅🐄🐄

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