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  1. Mine started with intrusive thoughts that produced panic attacks that lasted a while and from there the numbness started to set in and then from there my body just shut down and couldn't handle it anymore with derealization and depersonalization my pleasure center had been shut off living life as a robot getting through day by day with no emotion whatsoever. I could have won a trillion dollars and would not have shown any emotion smiling everyday at everybody I met but yet on the inside I felt there was nothing but cobwebs and emptiness the feeling at times would become so severe I can't even explain it as if I was leaving my body and my body would tingle the feeling would make me so sick constantly feeling tired and drained because of this symptom that seems to stay and doesn't want to leave

  2. Dpdr was the very first symptom I ever experienced. It lead to a horruble anxiety disorder for the last 7 years. Idk how to stop. I am so disoriented and out of touch with reality. I have the worst fears. I feel like I am going into psychosis and losing my mind. I am terrified. [email protected]$##!!!! It is so so had now that I am going thru a bad benzo withdrawl. I am terrified

  3. My first anxiety/panic attack was a bit different from the “classic” attack. I was at home watching tv eating some chips then got a pain in my stomach and felt my head go a little dizzy/foggy, like my head literally felt foggy, and when I realized it wasn’t going away I got an anxiety attack, ever since that day I have not been the same, because I literally think that something went wrong in my brain I’m scared and terrified that I won’t go back to being normal. I don’t feel like myself anymore. My forehead feels like this weird sensation that comes and goes everyday and I feel like something went wrong in my brain. My GP just tells me it’s depression but I doesn’t feel like it. I feel like I’m out of it 24/7 like I’m not me anymore and my anxiety attacks are really bad uncontrollable shaking/tremor/sweating/incredible build up fear.

  4. Anxiety ninja, I've had the exact same situation as you. Smoked pot and it absolutely rekt the sh** out of my brain with the absolute scariest panic attack I've ever had. I relate to you so much because everything you've described is exactly as I lived it. Freaked out on pot, caused panic attack, generated a panic disorder, and anxiety started to take place in every aspect of my life.

    Currently in my 4th week of recovery, symptoms are definitively weaker and I do not experience panic attack anymore, rather I just get really symptomatic when I start having symptoms and when I feed them with NAT. But staying into the same situation and using mindfulness and observation rather than reaction DO help me to get over the sensation.

  5. It is tough, but I went ahead and retired in order not to get sicker. Luckily I was past retirement time. I went to anxiety classes and made a point of going out and about after every attack so that I would not become afraid to leave the house. So….I have fallen out screaming in Downtown Denver, Target, driving in cars, at the office, etc. I was not certain what was going on because I have had a disorder that causes me to pass out from the age of 8.
    I performed what I was taught in the class then, I began doing LUCID DREAMING in which I would call out “the DEAMON” and threaten to kick its ass. I would actually surround myself in golden light and go into the scariest parts of my house…in the dark and tell it to come out. I would bare my teeth and go on to attack it. Now…I can simply do the breathing and relaxation and it calms me down.

  6. I like that he told his story with a good sense of humor, laughter is the best medicine, reminded me of my first panic attack, even when i tell people about it on the first time i add some humor to it, it helps with dealing with it.

  7. I got a question for you Trey, when you had the brain fog did you have a tragic feeling in your brain as if your brain could just stop at any moment?

  8. I got a question for you Trey, when you had the brain fog did you feel like a tragic feeling in your brain, and feel like your brain could just stop at any moment?

  9. my dpdr is like i live in dream. trying prove world around me its real. but u cant realy . huge existencial crysis . whats life , reality etc . too many existencial fears . Feeling surroundings its not real . maybe its not dpdr i dunno .

  10. Sometimes i get this and sometimes i get this weird feeling like the opposite like i feel like i’m inside of my head its so weird and i cant desribce it

  11. When anxiety ninger said everything around him felt FAKE- this REALLY is how I feel when I dislocate & either like I’m out of reality, I can’ also feel like or belive that I’m in reality but anybody else isn’t in reality

  12. I have DP/DR along with Brain Fog.. Both together are quite literally scary as hell, mentioned it before but ive had them both now for a few months. Which must mean Ive took on too much stress and held on to it for too long, im glad ive watched this video.. Really reassuring, is it worth making a video on DP/DR and brain fog together, cause from working with others with mental health they all get convinced they have the same thing.. Alzheimer's/Dementia. Maybe worth the reassurance to people new to this.

  13. Odd because I smoked marijuana for a long time, and it took one time I had a panic which started my panic disorder and eventually derealization. It is scary and I'm at the point of accepting the feeling its getting better and hearing things like this really helps thanks.

  14. Sir I am 18 year old and I have headaches daily. It starts morning.actually every doctors I consulted say it is migraine. But I feels like a tight band in forhead….. I can't even concentrate in studies and poor memory with depression. What will I do sir. Please help me.

  15. Thanks for the video Trey . I was just reading up on this the other day , cause sometimes when I'm stressed out I feel like I'm about to wake up . It's horrible .

    P.s Hope you and your family have good luck finding a new house . I'm busy looking myself . 👍

  16. I went through my panic attacks by suddenly screaming, falling on the floor and exhibiting horrible confusion for periods of time. Neighbors down the street would come over to see if my mother and I were ok. I have never had a drink, a cigarette or a illegal drug.

  17. Everything was fine until I got dizzy light headed having blackouts and can’t breath good threw nose or mouth 😭 people are telling me to call a ambulance but I no it’s anxiety and it would be foolish to do so

  18. I had a very strange episode of this last weekend while at a bar. I was quite intoxicated and suddenly I felt as though someone had drugged me with LSD or something much more powerful than alcohol, everything took a sinister turn, and I became quite paranoid. After 10-15 minutes the episode was over, but it really left me shook. It was like all this stuff was happening around me but I wasn't really there, just an invisible observer or something like that. Anyway, cool show, cheers!

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