DAILY VLOG #4 – NEW YEARS QUIT SMOKING CHALLENGE For 2019 i really want to seperate myself from cigarettes permanently. I have been smoking for …


  1. More power to you my boy! If you get ringing in your ears or higher blood pressure means the patches are to high. Take it to the lows. Also find a mouth toy like a straw to chew on or carrots. The only reason people eat while off smokes is because of the oral fixation. Been off smokes 7 years. Oh and the first 2 weeks stay away from things that go with smoking like coffee and smokes or booze and smokes…etc. I know I know TMI…lol Much Luck!!!

  2. Hi brother Happy New Year. Alright let see for 60 Days Challenge for no smoking. Again I always support and behind ya bro. Great job with this video. Take care and God bless. Much Love and Light. Have a great day. See ya til next time. Stay Spooky.

  3. Good idea brother. I’m gonna try to stop drinking. Haven’t had a drink in a week or so. Just got bored with it. I used to smoke to but also got bored of it. U got this 🤘

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