Amazing Hemp Seed Oil Benefits & Uses for Skin, Hair & Cancer

what is the best hemp oil to buy Hemp is a tall, beautiful and gracious looking annual plant …


  1. I have a condition called pmdd I've been to different psychiatrists private public doctors they all told me I had pmdd and wanted me to go on ssri anti depressants or the pill and that devastated me , if you don't know what pmdd is it's like pms multipled by a trillion it makes your body respond to hormones more severely than is normal, I used to get so suicidal I'd have to go to a psychiatric ward for my own safety , I started self harming it got worse as the years went on my fiance left me in had a break down over it ,other fucking derailed my life … hemp and cbd oil is the only thing that's seemed to work , so glad I don't have to go on the pill or antidepressants

  2. I take cod liver capsules two per day for my joints but as the sea is now so polluted would it be better to stop and take hemp oil instead? thanks,, Bob -in the UK

  3. the funny thing is Cannabis can be breed to produce both oil seed and THC resin. The only difference between hemp and marijuana is a few milligrams of THC.

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