1. He's not rich in 💸

    He's rich with love and Admiration

    And you CANNOT put a price on that.

    The age old question:
    Is it better to be Feared or better to be loved???

    I think this man FINALLY answered that question…


  2. May Allah Reward and blessings be upon you, are the best of the best, LEGEND you do the same as LEADER KADAFI, MAY ALLAH FORGIVE HIM, YOU EATING WHAT YOUR PEOPLE ARE EATING. Thanks for showing as the path to GLORY May Allahs honour, Blessings, Guidance, Mercy, Protection, Uppgrade, Evolve, be upon you and the people of The Dunya Super Thanks Granpa

  3. Jose Mujica is not poor, he is blessed with an abundance of love from his people. With regards to the car I think he might been offered the million dollars as not so obvious way of being given present by some leader of a middle Eastern country.

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