Willie Nelson on new memoir, music and marijuana

The singer and songwriter has always been a musical outlaw. He was inspired by blues, jazz, gospel, honky tonk and the ’60s hippy movement, and he created …


  1. ~"Happy 420 Willie"~ I give this day of 4/20 celebration in 2018 just for you… I hope life is treating you well all around bud, love ya & your always on my mind & how I wish I could celebrate with ya, but know "I'm thinking of ya", always have & always Will/ie"… Listening to ya & smilin bud! Hugs & I will always remember me while, remembering you Will/ie, ;)… Enjoying my medicinal medicines in my Willie's Reserve Vape Pen & I thank you & we all will always remember you are the one of the best & I/So Many appreciate & love you & I/We always will/ie…

    ~"Happy FRIday & enjoy your funluvn day to the fullest, CHEERS"~

    ~♥~ "Love, Hope, Peace, Joy, Laugh, Sing, Give, Live & Let Live" ~♥~

  2. thats the problem it eliminates other addictions especially the depopulations drugs including prescription drugs, that sour face narcissist presenter should not have been at the table, she was taking his goodness for granted

  3. Being 80 seems really fucked… I mean, if you think about it, you are most likely gonna die sometime within the next decade. That's something you can kind of put off every other decade and tell yourself you still have a lot of time left… when you hit 80 it's a legitimate concern.

  4. charlie you should smoke some marijuana and calm down and relax and retire after a smoke you wont be so eager to call to destroy cilivians in iraq and syria shameful

  5. LOVE YOU Willie!  I have to say it again or it wouldn't be me…when are ya coming back to RED ROCKS to see all your ole friends in Colorado?  We are looking forward to your "reserve" too!  🙂

  6. Damn willie looks good for his age. And who doesn't like Willie? Grammy winner & holds gold records & platinum. Willie is far from a ragged old motherfucker. He is one of the best in country music history.

  7. lol i noticed a change in mood when that laday said "no every one…"  shes right, people uneducated on cannbis, and unaware of wats okay in america(painkiller aka synthtic HEROIN,alcahol the stuff we add to gas "contains 10% ethnol" ect ) still think that . and thanks to instant accsess to information. that number is going down like a bomb at its peak. all we got to do is wait for it to hit ground.

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