1. your body makes its own cannabinoids just like your body makes its own painkillers (your own opiates), CBD has its place, just how morphine has its place.. but when people go on how we as humans NEED to consume cbd because we have the receptors.. that makes no sense at all, in fact if you are fucking with your bodies CBD receptors constantly, just how an opiate addict is messing with his opiate receptors constantly… it throws your body out of balance, and probably does more harm than good.

  2. It is miraculous and such a shame it took so very long to legalize. Idiotic "drug war". It has brought relief to many people but make sure there is no THC.

  3. I asked my neurologist for cbd for my painful spasms post stroke, but he told me a lot of people he sees who take it talk about the negative affects it can have on mood. That’s why I decided not to take it. I’m doing yoga nidra now twice a day for about half an hour and hope this will calm my nervous system down.

  4. I just heard a report on fox that marijuana use can lead to i reversible schizophrenia. What is your research? Does CBD not count? Is the risk only with smoking THC or does it include edibles as well? Please do a video about this we trust you, Dr. Berg!

  5. I have heard many great things about CBD oil and since I suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and migraines I figured I would try it out. I purchased a tincture from a dispensary (which by the way was kinda pricey) it contains 500mg of CBD and 9mg of THC. And now I see this video. Can anyone please tell me are the THC milligrams low enough that it will still help or did I just waste my money??

  6. THC is almost identical to a compound in the body and no studies have found that THC specifically causes any issues. CBD oil is made from hemp that contains little THC anyways.

  7. CBD oil has 30% beta-caryophyllene, while Young Living’s Copaiba essential oil has 40-70%, without the cannabis concern. Much better choice in my opinion.

  8. Very interesting research showed that approx 70% of CBD oils had traces of THC and/or not the amount of CBD as stated on the label. so definitely be careful out there. My advice is perhaps to use a company that has a good history of selling supplements or oils. — (Bonn-Miller et al., 2017). "Labeling accuracy of cannabidiol extracts sold online". Jama, 318(17), pp.1708-1709.

  9. THC is one of the most powerful canabanoid and is very beneficial make sure you do your research and dont be afraid of the high you might like it,… SOOO you will leave the bottle of wine in the weekend and go for a beautiful all organic full spectrum weed oil to have a good time,… reduce sickness and inflammation and having a great time at the same time,…. MUCH better and seems like a win win situation to me.

  10. I have a good friend who’s SEIZURES have STOPPED because of taking a high quality CBD oil. It’s changed her life. She is again secularly employed, driving a car, mentally alert and more. ❤️

  11. I've Not seen the Oil around here but I Grow Marijuana in my Garden & Cut Up Pieces of the Plant / Leaves in my Daily Salad.
    I have No Idea if that's Beneficial to me or Not but it's Green so that's a good Start!

  12. Mmm I used that but I feel depressed and worth using only (to me) as natural face oil against wrinkles 😉 and even THC is prohibited I fell more energic and a lot of studies gives THC and all torpenes a greater benefits then CBD alone. Cbd seems to be more marketing…

  13. I made some of this oil once but forgot to take out the THC…i watered my carpet and vacuumed my lawn and proceeded to eat an entire wheel of cheese,it was a rather productive day now i look back on it.

  14. It's amazing how everyone is jumping on board with the marijuana when before ppl were look down on that used it in anyway not to mention a crime with possible jail time. But what really gets me is the marijuana tax act law was made out of pure racism, seriously look it up it clearly states that it was made illegal because it made men of color want to solicit sex from white women . 🤔

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