1. I've regularly used my Volcano classic with solid valve for almost six years now. It works same as it did first day I got it, and I purchased a used 2010 model off Ebay. I use Reynolds turkey bags instead of Volcano brand as they're basically the same and cheap. I've had the same bag on for almost a year now because I'm lazy and not much sediment has gotten into it, though it is super dark colored. I've never felt the need to change the filter on the bottom though I'll blow dust off of it from time to time. Screen replacements are a must as they warp over time but with proper use and cleaning they can be used for a long time, easily over a year, but are cheap to replace anyway. Other replacement parts for the bowl piece are good to get as they are quite small and can be easy to lose when cleaning. It's easy to heat parts up and scrape resin with toothpicks to clean regularly, but every couple years or so I'll disassemble the bowl and mouth pieces to clean metal parts with alcohol and nonmetals with soap. BTW I only heat that shit to the highest temp to get milky bags.

  2. Thanks for the review, I’ve just been using a portable, but my insurance reset a few months ago and I’m thinking of getting one. They’ll only cover $300Cnd, but better than nothing.

  3. sure you made your balloon big enough??!! mother of god!! you'd have to fill the chamber two thirds and give a mid bag mix to it to get the most out of your matter with that monster!!! 😀

  4. I'm annoyed by the habits of saying "erb" when the word is herb. Do you say "ouse' "air" or "ello"? When the words are house, hair or hello. Many english speakers do this. Can anyone explain why?

  5. Just got mine…bought used for half price and just have had time to give it a try. I had to clean some bits and change the balloon as that was used by its former owner. I have watched this review whilst using it for the first time….wow man.

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