Top 10 Deadliest Street Drugs & Their Effects

i have a list of the deadliest drugs on the planet most of these are craziest drugs you’ve never even heard of but gangs all over the world are dealing with them 1.


  1. And ohh my GOD !!!! they face eating guy had his blood tested and he had NO bath salt of any kind in his system he was just bat shit fucking crazy. Bath salts are shitty messed up stimulants like meth but you won't eat faces jesus these video's make me mad

  2. Here we have krokodil that literally drys the flesh exposing bone, Average users die within 1-2 users by literally infecting IODINE into your veins, At number two we have lean!

  3. The trouble with all these synthetic drugs and other legal highs is that they were developed to get around the drug laws and avoid detection, but as we has seen the side effects of lont term use are not only scary but are far worse for your health than any of the traditional drugs like cannabis, speed, heroin and cocaine.
    People have always liked to get high and drugs like alcohol have been used for centuries so wouldn't it be better to legalise these drugs and give people a choice of what to put in their bodies?
    Lets outlaw these synthetic drugs, Pandoras box is well and truly open, banning hasn't worked and because of the zero tolerance policies of law enforcement more people are now addicted to much harder drugs because cannabis stays in your system for about 3 weeks whereas heroin is out after 36 hours hence the rise in addiction rates and uses of the synthetic drugs. Pharmaceutical companies make vast fortunes from drugs like oxytosin because of their availability and addictiveness
    and the backyard dealers make fortunes from the easily made and available synthetics.
    Gone are the days of having a few beers and a joint or two to enjoy the party, now there is no telling what is on the market or even what you might be ingesting.

  4. somebody told that synthetic weed is worst then cystal meth what y'all think?But I told him that everyone recover from synthetic weed beside of synthetic weed crystal meth kill many poeple in one hit

  5. I am curious if Meth, when it is manufactored for medicine, such as in the pills they make for prescription, if they are made out of Efedrine or if it was origionally made out of Efedrine. I am just curious, I don't have any interest in making it or using it, I just know that it is made out of that in illegal laba and I am wondering if it is made out of the same thing legally.

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