Time Lapse of Indoor Weed Plants Growing {1} Watch Weed Grow FAST!

I don’t know what it is about time lapse Weed grow videos, but I LOVE them! It’s fun to watch Weed grow in fast forward, isn’t it? There is …


  1. im just reading the comments about the "potato" quality, makes me laugh. perfectly understandable, im mean who wants to time lapse with even a 720p, much gigs low upload speed if you catch my drift

  2. They have to compete to get above each other to get UV Light in order to grow, it's a growing trick, the same reason why forests have the tallest tree's. Means they get 3x More bud and faster growing.

  3. did any body else notice the plants were turning slightly clockwise in the veggie stage? I wonder if they turn counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere haha

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