1. I really dont get his popularity. I mean so what he was on a dead scripted reality show once. and?!? I mean it only shows how easily entertained some people are these days. sad actually. To ea his own though so have at it I guess…lol

  2. The genius of his roasts is that they are so abstract but at the same time are 100% spot on. Mechanic at Nordstrom Rack? Deaf guy at the gym? French Paul Bunyon? Like it's all shit that makes you go WHAT THE FUCK? but is completely accurate

  3. Theo is by far the most naturally funny comedian right now. Everyone thinks it’s unintentional but that’s the genius of his character. “It’s the number one white power sport.” Like what? Hahaha

  4. "F**** bloated Italian you look like an Italian that drown and still lived"
    -cheo spawn

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