The Robert Scott Bell Show LIVE 6/3/18 – Cancer, Cannabis, Vaccine Choice, CBD, THC, My Compassion

Treating Cancer With Cannabis! Surprise guests! My Compassion, Cannabinoids killing cancer cells, Cancer treatment costs, Hodgkin’s lymphoma cured, The …


    Amanda Vollmer is live now.

    38 seconds ago ·

    Chemotherapy and Radiation are bullshit. Stop it!
    Sallie Elrody had Amanda on her radio show ,I wish you would interview her too Robert ,.if you haven't . She is a Naturopath with some major extra sciences and homeopathy. She is very smart . Helping alot of people in Canada. She knows about all we know about the toxic vaccines , EMF's and Chemtrails, GMO's , Agenda 21 then then how to stay healthy and heal from the cellular levels .

  2. Fantastic show. Watched the taped version on youtube. Impressed with RSB's professionalism with Dr. McCue. Two hours, of my time, well spent. Thank you.

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