The Perfect Goat Barn Setup – what you need to make keeping goats easier!

Goats are a challenging animal to keep! But with the right goat barn setup, keeping goats can be a great addition to your homestead. In this vid, we give you the …


  1. I built a hay feeder and added a tray under it. Once the hay touches the ground mine won't touch it, so any they pull out and don't eat end up in the tray and I just scoop it back in the feeder.

  2. Cute goats, but don't let your kids climb on the hay or sit in the full feeders. Their boots are caked with mud and fecal matter, high risking bacteria and parasites getting injested that'll give your animals stomach worms. Keep Safeguard handy in case they do.

  3. A good video in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've subscribed and am going to watch more. I have a lot to learn and could listen to you all day long. Oh and a very well thought out barn too.

  4. Bless your homesteading , hobby farm heart! I love to see people going back to the country life! My husband and I grew up on and still have a real working farm both with livestock and crops. We actually have two huge farm yards and houses eight miles apart and several quarters of tillable land. Lots of work!!!

  5. This is the only goat barn video I have been able to find, great stuff. You said hard floor, is that concrete or just packed dirt? Also, really neat that you used wood from your land to build it, love that. Also, you painted the outside to protect against weather and warping? Oh, and it doesn't matter if there are gaps in the slats/panels in the exterior wall, is that needed for ventilation?

  6. You seem like a caring guy about your goats, yet, one thing though, don't let your son or daughter climb or step on the goats' hay…goats have very sensitive sense of smell, and can be very picky about the hey, if they sense that someone stepped or walked on it, they might not eat all of it and cause a waste of some hay…

  7. Love the involvement of the kids, teaching them early. Great set up for the goats. How long did you have your YT & were you doing the videos, before you added on the Pioneer membership?

  8. Your barn is great, but I would recommend not keeping your full supply of hay in it as hay is known to selfcombust. I know of three barns that recently went up in flames, one lost more than 50 livestock, including two kids I was buying.

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