THE MOUNTAIN PROJECT – EP. 4 (Mendo Dope N Friends)

On this special 1 hour episode of “The Mtn Project” the Boys get some visitors in the garden. Frenchy Cannoli stops by to check out the Mtn garden for the first …


  1. You know them Aphids, although can just show up out of nowhere, are usually put in place by Ants. Aphids secrete a sugary yumm-yumm for the Ants and feed the Ants. So Ants will protect the Aphids young by moving their eggs underground to protect them from the environment. Then when the new eggs are ready the Ants will find a good plant to move and distribute the Aphids eggs to so they can hatch already on the plant ready to eat. Eating the plants leaves, by sucking the liquid right out of the cell wall of the leaf, and secrete that gourmet for the Ants all over again. So Ants are the issue that start the process. I didn't believe what I read at first, then watched them myself take over a crop of Sunflowers, they love those it seems. So be on the lookout.

  2. With regards to the atomizer being too much air to liquid ratio can I plug my atomizer into a speed regulator you know for like a fan you think that would reduce the amount of air to liquid?

  3. #MendoDope such an amazing quality grow you guys have im from australia and can only dream of something like that. Where yall from i would love to visit on my trip to the US you guys are my grow insparation!!! Keep it up Homies Greenthumbs worldwide

  4. with those water connections I would use a couple more gear clamps if they be poppin. and get the gear clamps going opposite directions, like one clockwise around the pipe and the other anti. with about 1/4 inch spacing. if three fit on one side of the barb connection the better.

  5. Awesome videos absolutely awesome! Only thing i think its missing is i dont think its educational enough for new growers and i think it would be better if it was because most of the people watching are probably growers or soon to be. That being said enjoying every moment great videos!

  6. You ever stick some plants out in May to get an early harvest? Just a lil to get you by before fall? I have all your music and I like your series it's very indebt and the editing is always first class as usually! Thanks friend

  7. Looks like the re-veg caused them to harden off and branching gets weird. I've had this happen and the bud was somewhat compromised, foxtailing and airy, but still frosty! Will have to wait and see in their next video.

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