“The Mars Underground” Updated Edition/Director’s Cut Leading aerospace engineer and Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin has a dream. He wants to …


  1. The main point keeps surfacing like an iceberg – we may be fascinated with the shining scenarios, but at least 2/3 of what appears to be Mars is hostile, to say the least. We need to learn not all human heroic dreams have a nice,.make-believe end.Mars may be our closest neighbour but a desertic, dry, poor in oxygene planet and lacking water we need as essence of life.  Maybe we will get there indeed but acting as another jumping point to…say, Europe, circunding Júpiter?

  2. This feeling is a bad propaganda film because we do not even have shielding strong enough to withstand it in a spacesuit or spacecraft we don't have it the radiation levels would kill a man before he could even do anything worthwhile the only element that we have that shield radiation good is pure gold unless you want to pay for a quarter inch of gold being put on every single spacecraft twist and the shielding we're not ready yet

  3. Well it would get off her lazy asses and set up a base on the moon so we can mine asteroids and process them up there and then simply bring back the heavy materials that would be cool I do remember there being about a half-dozen countries being in agreement for mining asteroids and I do remember the president creating the space force out of the Air Force who's going to trust NASA or SpaceX they love doing too many theater photos like they did with original space photos of landing on the moon Megadeth so bad that they couldn't even hide the lights around the room reflecting off the helmet glass of the astronaut not only showing that there was a light on the wall and it was a black crease on the wall lining a pipe but even the Lander itself because of the temperature is that a rocket motor will create had no melted glass underneath it even though it landed on the soil even though oxygen hydrogen will wood burning excessive 8000 degrees not one bit of burnt material was found underneath it don't forget SpaceX when he on musk was probably shooting off his car itsfunneh at the windshield also caught a reflection of the soundstage they can't even show a return of the boosters without breaking video for you so who's even going to believe that China even made it to the dark side of the moon it looks like really bad CGI and that's from China

  4. I still think it's funny we talked about landing on Mars and having and I'll post on Mars but no one ever talks about the high amounts of background radiation and I'm talking so high that even kill a man today if he was actually in a space suit in The Craft because other than gold and I do mean real gold is the only high-level radioactive shielding we have unless you want to put a quarter inch of gold on every spaceship all the way around no man with In Our Lifetime will be able to live on Mars don't forget right now here on Earth where in the grand solar minimum enjoy it's going to get cold

  5. the ones that say we don,t know enough to do it are the ones that don't have the balls to even try, they didn't know how to build a Satan 5 till they tried, they didn't know how to build and fly a shuttle till they tried, they didn't know how to land a booster rocket on it's own feet till space X tried, and when they all tried to do it, they learnt how to do it. you never learn how to do anything if all you do is talk about it, you have to do things to learn things

  6. You not able to manage what you have the earth and speculating to settle Mars. Ridiculous morons. And what you bring to Mars? The rottenshild and Goldman sucks exploiting banks. The payday loans and interest paying? Idiot worthless goyims.

  7. we dont need to go to mars, we have a future here, we need to spend tax $$here, improving life here ,taking care of things at home not in space, ,personal ambitions are to be left aside, Humanity does no need to expand into space, stop being,so selfish, you want it for you and your ego, 👎

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