The Guardian Angel of Guatemala: Profiles by VICE

Check out all the Profiles by VICE here: By day, Dr. Jorge Chiu is a cardiothoracic surgeon. By night, he volunteers as a paramedic to help …


  1. 10 shots dud new york GETS 1000 shots a day but are police and fire Department are way better no offense dud i fell bad for you 😭😭 you have a big heart man god bless you

  2. know a country can be pretty gnarly when a dog licking the blood of a guy who just got capped in the street is no big thing. Respect for the doctor. Guys like him are super rare these days.

  3. I had an experience when I went to Guatemala to visit my family whenever i was going to the airport to head back there was a dead body in the street The police were there covering it and examining what had happened I was frightened because I knew things like this happen but I never thought to see it for myself. It is so upsetting for me because this is a country that I am proud to say that is mine. Of course not the violence and everything but the beauty and the difference you don’t get to see anywhere else. Then knowing not many people will help but critique the country for the violence instead of trying to help by loaning or giving us medical supplies or even some food maybe… but no they watch behind a television just judging a country that shouldn’t be judged. But loved by many

  4. HUGE respect to educated and skilled people who choose to stick around and make their struggling country a better place. He could have copped out and moved his family to any number of better-off places, but there he is serving his people in his nation. Enorme chapín.

  5. 07:21 this
    … :/
    idk why sticks the most to me

    She is hiding but still got killed

    in kneeling in her own pool of blood
    gosh dang
    probably coming home from work or being with her friends

    just gone
    never to see her family again

  6. As a paramedic in America, this is shocking to watch. Such disrespect for the field, crowding of victims and the emergency responders working on them, blatant and boundary-less gawking from every bystander, and disgusting hospitals. Equipment from the 1980s meets medieval living conditions. Truly disturbing.

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